How to understand GPS vehicle tracking management system

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GPS Vehicle tracking Management System utilizes global positioning technology, wireless data transmission, and computer software (MIS) to manage various static and dynamic information of vehicles. The biggest difference between it and the previous GPS positioning equipment is the diversification and systemization of management functions. The prominent feature is the management function of computer software rather than the positioning equipment function. Compared with the ordinary vehicle management system, it is more advantageous because of its data dynamics.

GPS Vehicle tracking Management System
Vehicle real-time positioning, vehicle monitoring control, vehicle dispatch management, vehicle alarm handling, vehicle logistics management, online car search service, SMS voice communication, etc. The system is suitable for use in cities, regions, and the whole country. It is suitable for use by governments, groups, enterprises, and private vehicles. It can monitor the illegal driving of vehicles, improve the anti-theft capability of vehicles, improve the operational efficiency of vehicles, increase the economic benefits of vehicle operation, and promote the modernization, informationization and intelligent construction of vehicle management in China.

Service object
Transport vehicles, rental vehicles, public transport vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles, emergency vehicles, border vehicles, money-carrying vehicles, dangerous goods vehicles, emergency command vehicles, VIP fleets, private vehicles, project vehicles, etc. The vehicle management system can provide different solutions and different special use functions for different users and different purposes.

GPS Vehicle tracking Management System
GPS Vehicle tracking Management System:
1. Vehicle positioning
The system can realize that all vehicles are displayed simultaneously on the same map. According to the position and quantity of the vehicle, the system automatically adjusts the map to the most suitable scale, and the real-time position and status of all vehicles are clear at a glance. A fast flashing of the vehicle indicates that the vehicle is running, and a slow flashing of the vehicle indicates that the vehicle is stopped.
2, bicycle positioning amplification
When monitoring a single car, the system describes the running route of the vehicle on the map with continuous blue lines. The real-time status of the vehicle and the real-time position of the vehicle are automatically refreshed every minute to ensure that the latest data is uploaded to the system at any time. If the location marked on the electronic map is not detailed, you can switch to the following satellite map.
3. Vehicle satellite map
Through the satellite map, you can see the clear physical picture of the roads and buildings around the vehicle.
4, accurate electronic map
Use the latest, genuine, and constantly updated MapABC map to display the location and trajectory of the vehicle. Parking lots, gas stations, factories, and various levels of roads around the vehicle are clearly marked on the electronic map.
5, vehicle driving track
The vehicle trajectory can be queried at any time. The map automatically describes the running route of the vehicle to be monitored by continuous blue lines, which is intuitive and clear, and can be exported to the EXCEL report.
The system can also automatically play back the vehicle's trajectory in a dynamic form, giving you a clear and detailed understanding of the vehicle's historical operating status.
6, driving mileage and fuel consumption
The system can output the driving time, parking time, driving mileage of the car according to the set time period, and the fuel consumption corresponding to the mileage.
7, vehicle parking location analysis
The system can output when and where the car is parked according to the set time period, and how long the parking is. At the same time, the mileage, driving fuel consumption, driving time, etc. of the car during the period can be obtained, and the report content can be saved in Execl format.
8, vehicle driving report
In the report analysis function, dozens of useful reports such as parking reports, driving reports, speeding reports, mileage reports, etc. can be generated according to the information recorded by the system during the driving process, and the contents of the report can be saved in Execl format.
9, mobile phone check
The user can log in to the system platform through the mobile phone to check the real-time situation of the vehicle, and can directly view the map in the mobile phone and perform the control functions of the relevant vehicle, which is simple and practical.
10, fence alarm
Freely set up fences, enter and exit fence alarms, open doors in fences, close door alarms, speed limit alarms in fences, monitor the reasonable use range and safety of vehicles.
11, information point labeling
You can mark the company's own outlets on the map, and deliver the goods to the destination, toll stations, gas stations and other points for easy operation. Label points will be displayed in “Vehicle Tracking” and “Rail Track Playback”. By marking more outlets, you can determine the most efficient shipping route and clearly know if the vehicle is operating as specified.
12, SMS alarm
The vehicle emergency contact can be set. When the vehicle encounters an emergency, the system can automatically send the alarm information to the contact's mobile phone.
13, extended features
Oil quantity monitoring function, temperature monitoring function, etc.

GPS Vehicle tracking Management System In addition to the most basic functions such as real-time positioning, historical track playback, cross-border alarm, and one-button alarm for help, the GPS Vehicle tracking Management System mainly reflects the management functions:
1. The mileage and speed of the vehicle are automatically generated and reported automatically.
With the GPS positioning function management system, it can automatically record the mileage and speed of each car.

Fuel consumption mileage statistics report
In the case, and automatically generate statistical reports on the date specified each month, the data is accurate and can analyze and compare the vehicles with abnormal mileage, and then through the historical track function of the system, the problem can be easily found.
2. The oil quantity is automatically compared and counted.
The system will calculate the reasonable fuel consumption based on the mileage and speed parameters, and compare and analyze the actual fuel quantity to provide incentives and punishments for the fuel-saving model or fuel consumption.

The prospect of GPS Vehicle tracking Management System
Cars are increasingly coming into our lives, and the constant reduction of fuel as a non-renewable resource is also plaguing us. In addition to inventing new fuel-saving technologies and developing new energy vehicles, the scientific management of existing vehicles is more efficient and faster. The GPS vehicle tracking management system not only compensates for the limitations of the traditional vehicle management system for dynamic data processing statistics, but also greatly improves the applicability and scalability of the GPS positioning device. Just like the launch vehicle with a nuclear warhead, its function is obtained. Great improvement. With the rapid development of computer technology and positioning technology, GPS vehicle tracking management system will become the mainstream of vehicle management system.

How to understand GPS vehicle tracking management system

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