How to install the vehicle gps tracking devices

230 Published by admin 7月 24,2018

With the popularity of the automobile to automobile traffic we have today become irreplaceable, traffic also has become the standard owners sailed vehicle gps tracking devices positioning when the owners of the first to lead the way wizard .GPS function must have a GPS terminal, transmission network and monitoring platform three elements ; these three elements are indispensable; by these three elements can provide vehicle location, anti-theft, anti-robbery, driving route monitoring and call command functions. Recently, many owners advice, buy the GPS does not know how to install, Call someone the home installation, the installation cost is too high, the effect is not satisfactory.

The following five steps vehicle gps tracking devices installation:
Find . vehicle gps tracking devices installation, first find the car circuit
Second.find the power, they begin to connect the GPS power cord.
Third. Check the wiring for GPS Host
Fourth, Install the GPS system, and then install the GPS antenna
Fifth . GPS oil cut-off power relays installed

How to install the vehicle gps tracking devices

GPS vehicle tracking is can locate the car position, and can realize unmanned power cut-off.

GPS Vehicle Tracking is an effective approach to urban traffic flow estimation. Based on the data of GIS and GPS, a Vehicle Tracking process continually judges, from a road network, the most reliable path between every two successively detected locations of a certain vehicle, and then links the paths to restore the real track. Conventional works focused mostly on the driving distance and selected the shortest path as the solution. However, as is in many situations, the shortest path is not necessarily the best choice. Instead, a path with the least time expense may be more reasonable. Therefore, a new hybrid real-time gps Vehicle Tracking method is proposed in this paper considering comprehensively two main time-costing factors, the total driving distance and the number of traversed crossroads, using the concept of Pareto Frontier and Fuzzy Theory. Analytical experiment in Shanghai yields promising results.

GPS tracking device is the need for a server and platform, platform service is relatively expensive. The machine itself is need to rely on the platform to run. Otherwise, the machine is only a shell.

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