Kenya order 1000 pieces GPS tracker devices

255 Published by admin 5月 31,2018

Kenyan customers trust us very much. Every month, They regularly give us order 1,000 GPS tracker devices to bind our GPS tracking platform. Their clients are located all over the country and have branch offices in Kenya, Indonesia and Africa. Mainly used for fleet management, car gps tracker of sales. This customer has gradually expanded to 1000 units GPS tracker devices from the beginning of the 100 units, and has now opened up a larger positioner market. From 1,000 units orders Half a year to 1,000 orders per month.kenya-gps-tracker-devices

The following is a picture of the customer's production order process and 1000 pieces GPS tracker devices packaging shipment . The customer is very satisfied with our products, will give us orders every month to open up their GPS market. It is also because our GPS tracking platform is relatively stable and the GPS location is more accurate.kenya-gps-tracker-devices

From the above cooperation, we can show that our GPS tracker device has better stability and the market sales are relatively good. For you to choose our positioner cooperation is a very worthwhile choice and trust.kenya-gps-tracker-devices

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