The vehicle GPS tracker in the operation will often appear the question

157 Published by admin 12月 20,2018

The vehicle GPS tracker in the operation will often appear the question

For the first time to purchase the Vehicle GPS tracker, and for the first time to use and operate it, are there many puzzles and questions in the process of operation? Then you start paying attention.

What follows is very important for those who do not understand the operation and have operational problems, which is conducive to the purchase of Vehicle GPS tracker after the operation and application.Vehicle GPS tracker

The following are the general problems that often occur in the use of the machine.

1.Our platform won't open over there.

You need to try a different network, or let the technology see what the router limits are. The device binds to that IP or domain name, which you can do in the CMD console, Tracer. 

2.Why the equipment is all right, the tracker is no response.

Check LED indicator status, connect external power to SIM card, identify GPS positioning, and meet the three conditions at the same time. The red light of the machine is always on and meets any two conditions. If the red light is flashing, please go to an outdoor place for the first time for positioning.

3.How can the machine operate on its own platform?

 Our equipment only supports grain and rice protocol. And relevant sub-agreements are required to operate on their own platforms

4.Why the platform failed to cut off oil and electricity, and the equipment could not be connected for transfer?

The reason why the cut-off of oil and electricity is not successful: relay problem or when sending this instruction, the device speed is greater than 20/h, the cut-off of oil and electricity equipment is not executed. Wait until the car comes down. You need to figure out what's going on. Is the prompt not broken or broken, actually not broken? Can short message cut off oil power successfully? (if the oil is cut off successfully by SMS, the device function is ok)


As for the above explanation of the problems that often occur in the operation of related vehicle gps tracker.If you have any questions,please contact me.

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