Magnetic gps tracker device common problem

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1. Magnetic gps tracker device funtion: real-time tracking, track playback, electronic fence, ACC detection, curve track compensation, remote power off and power off, a variety of intelligent alarms: power failure alarm, vibration alarm, low power alarm, speed alarm, Fence alarm, support APP/computer query trajectory, support main account at the same time monitor multi-vehicle, vehicle data report statistics.

2. Can I monitor multiple vehicles with the same magnetic gps tracker device at the same time?
Yes, if you install this magnetic gps tracker on different vehicles, you can view their positioning and trajectory on one platform at the same time.

Magnetic gps tracker device
3. Is the AT2 Magnetic gps tracker device signal stable? Is it accurate?
The magnetic gps tracker adopts the Beidou+GPS+LBS dual-star three-mode positioning, and the accuracy can reach 5-10 meters when the vehicle is outdoors and without iron coverage. When the Beidou+GPS signal is weak, it automatically switches to the base station positioning, and the base station positioning accuracy is about 50-2000 meters.

4. Does AT2 Magnetic gps tracker device need to be charged? Is electricity used? (This product is connected to the car, will it soon drain my battery?)

This charger does not need to be charged. The positioner is directly connected to the car battery, and adopts a new low-power technology. It has an intelligent power-saving program. The loss of the vehicle battery is extremely small. The vehicle is automatically dormant and power-saving after 10 minutes of stationary (positioning) The Magnetic gps tracker device is still working normally, standby current < 3.5mA, no need to worry about the loss of the vehicle battery caused by frequent parking.

5. Can you see how long the Magnetic gps tracker device is?
You can check the 90-day trajectory of the vehicle through our PC platform or APP. Where the vehicle has been, where the speed is, where it stayed, and the time of stay at a glance.

6. Can I still check the location of the vehicle while parking?
Yes, because the Magnetic gps tracker device is connected to the car, when the vehicle stops for 10 minutes, the Magnetic gps tracker deviceautomatically enters the sleep power saving mode, and the positioning data is uploaded every 3 minutes, and the position information of the vehicle can be seen.

Magnetic gps tracker device
7. What is the applicable working voltage of the Magnetic gps tracker device?

8. Can my car be equipped with this Magnetic gps tracker device?
This positioner voltage range is 9-50V, which can be installed in this voltage range. Applicable to vehicles, private cars, taxis, trucks, engineering vehicles, motorcycles, electric vehicles and other means of transportation.

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