Malaysia Customer visit our vehicle gps tracker factory Company

202 Published by admin 6月 21,2018

Warmly Welcome Customers to Our Company for Visiting Vehicle Gps tracker factory and office. Huizhou Great-Will Industrial CO.,Ltd is a professional GPS tracker products manufacture in China. Established in 2006.As a leading OEM/ODM manufacture,we exported our products to clients more than 50 countries which from Europe,USA,Asia, the Middle East and South America.We are first choice for providing the best products with competitive price ,with prompt technical support and perfect services.enjoys a high reputation in the gps industry, which attracts a large number of customers to visit our company, this time the customers come from Malaysia, due to the demands for Vehicle gps tracker, they searched for us in the internet, through detailed communication with our foreign trade sales, they have certain understanding of our company and products, for further cooperation, they come to visit our company for deeper understanding.


The Malaysia customers come to our vehicle gps tracker factory Company for field visit, the high quality products and service, abundant company qualification and reputation, excellent industry development prospect are the main charm to attract the customers to visit. The general manager on behalf of the company extended a warm welcome to the visit of Malaysia customers, and arranged careful reception work. The Malaysia customers visited our company production workshop accompanied by the department heads, under the guidance of relevant technician, the customers conducted a field test, the customers were full of praise for the super performance of our equipment! Our company leader and related workers made detailed answer to various questions raised by customers, rich professional knowledge and good work ability also make a profound impression to customers.

vehicle gps tracker factory

The accompanying personnel introduced in detail the production process, range of application, using effect of our company main products and some related knowledge. After the visit, our vehicle gps tracker factory Company officials detailedly introduce current company development situation, technological improvement in equipment and sales cases. The customers were deeply impressed by favorable working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere, diligent staff, and they made in-depth discussion with our vehicle gps tracker factory Company senior managements about the further cooperation, hoping to achieve win-win developments in the future cooperative project.

vehicle gps tracker factory

The customer gave us orders for 500 GPS trackers on site.Used in fleet management tracking and positioning.The customer customized their logo and packaging box and expressed their satisfaction with us. The customer believes that the future GPS tracker industry is a very promising industry and will increase investment to create its own brand in Malaysia.

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