Micro gps tracker module function principle

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The micro gps tracker is a terminal with built-in "GPS module" and "mobile communication module". By locating the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to the website through the mobile communication module (GSM/GPRS network), it can be viewed on a computer or mobile phone. A server for the geographic location of the terminal.

The working principle of the micro gps tracker is to capture the signals of the satellites to be tested selected by a certain satellite height cut-off angle through the GPS signal receiver, and then track the operation status of these satellite signals, and amplify and transform these received signals. And processing to measure the propagation time of the GPS signal from the satellite to the receiver antenna, interpret the navigation message sent by the GPS satellite, and calculate the three-dimensional position, position, and even the three-dimensional speed and time of the station in real time. When in the static positioning, the GPS receiver is fixed in the process of capturing and tracking the GPS satellites, the receiver measures the propagation time of the GPS signal with high precision, and uses the known position of the GPS satellite in orbit to calculate the receiver antenna. The three-dimensional coordinates of the position. Dynamic positioning is the use of a GPS receiver to determine the trajectory of a moving object. The moving object on which the GPS signal receiver is located is called a carrier (such as a ship in navigation, an airplane in the air, a traveling vehicle, etc.).

The micro gps tracker module is an integrated circuit that integrates an RF RF chip, a baseband chip, and a core CPU, and adds related peripheral circuits.

At present, most of the GPS chips of the GPS module are based on the SiRF III series, which is the world's largest market share. Because the GPS module uses different chipsets, the performance and price are different. The GPS module with SIRF three-generation chipset has the best performance, and the price is much more expensive than the GPS chipset such as MTK or MSTAR. At this stage, the chip upgrade is also continued. For example, sirf4 and then sirf5, the overall sensitivity is improved a lot, shortening the positioning time, and also helping the customer to quickly enter the positioning application state.

Micro gps tracker module function principle

The principle is to realize the positioning of the object through the characteristics of the GPS.

The main features of the micro gps tracker are:

1.Time display
2. Real-time positioning
3. Trajectory tracking
4. Voice time
5. Electronic fence
6.SOS call
7. Voice monitoring
8. Do not disturb mode
9. Find the locator
10. Other function settings

1. Micro gps tracker Positioning and tracking: Temporarily locate the terminal device through the platform or mobile phone to understand the running status of the device. The positioning platform is determined according to customer requirements.
2. Emergency triggering alarm: When an emergency occurs in a vehicle equipped with terminal equipment, an alarm is issued for assistance.
3. Remote control of oil circuit and circuit: control the oil circuit and circuit of the vehicle with terminal equipment installed by mobile phone SMS anytime and anywhere.
4. Micro gps tracker Remote monitoring: Dial the mobile phone number in the terminal device. After connecting, you can listen to the sound within 5 meters around the terminal device anytime and anywhere.
5. Micro gps tracker Mileage statistics, ACC detection function, power failure alarm function.
6, Micro gps tracker speeding alarm: send text messages to the device through the mobile phone, start the speeding alarm function. A text message will be sent when the speed of the vehicle with the terminal installed exceeds the set speed.
7. After the alarm on the car, the device also alarms and informs the owner through SMS.
8. The mobile phone obtains the latitude and longitude: the mobile phone can obtain the dimension of the location of the vehicle where the device is installed.
9. Remotely restart the system: Send a text message through the mobile phone to restart the terminal device.
10. Set the positioning interval: set the interval of the data transmission platform through the mobile phone. The transfer interval can also be set via the platform, depending on whether the platform supports this feature.

At present, there are many types of Micro gps trackers on the market, but they are required to be accurately positioned, mini-visible, and concealed, so that the Micro gps tracker is prevented from being detected and disturbed. Thereby achieving hidden positioning.

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