The features of motorbike gps tracking device with anti-theft

123 Published by admin 6月 20,2019

In the current society, electric vehicles are almost every family. Because of their small size and convenient use, they quickly enter people's lives and become our most important means of transportation. It is also because of the small size and lightness of electric vehicles that attracted the attention of thieves. Everyday, in addition to the car to park in a place where people are in charge and develop a good habit of leaving the car locked, what other methods do we have to better protect our electric car? - Then you need to use the electric motorbike gps tracking device.

Great-Will has introduced a electric motorbike gps tracking device alarm product for electric vehicles, applying advanced GPS positioning technology to the location service of people and vehicles. With the GPS monitoring platform, users can record and track the position information of electric vehicles in real time. So what are the advantages of electric motorbike gps tracking device anti-theft?

motorbike gps tracking device

The main characteristics of electric motorbike gps tracking device anti-theft device:

1. Real-time positioning and tracking of vehicles: The GPS monitoring platform can perform real-time positioning and tracking of the monitored vehicles, and can display the current position information of one or more vehicles on the same map boundary.

2. Battery removal alarm: When the battery is removed, the motorbike gps tracking device with anti-theft will transmit the alarm information to the GPS monitoring platform. The user can follow up on the condition of the vehicle in time.

3. Fence alarm: The vehicle driving area can be set freely. When the specified route is deviated, the GPS monitoring platform will issue alarm data.

4. Electric motorbike gps tracking device with anti-theft device track playback: GPS monitoring software can query the entire driving process of the monitored vehicle within a specified time, including: walking route, speed, latitude and longitude and other information.

5. Motorbike gps tracking device with anti-theft device Mileage statistics: It can count the mileage of vehicles in a certain period of time.

6,Motorbike gps tracking device with anti-theft device location query: Users can use the mobile APP or computer to enter the GPS monitoring platform to query the current location of the electric vehicle.

Based on the electric motorbike gps tracking device with anti-theft and GPS positioning function, it can not only issue alarm information immediately when the car is stolen, but also remind the owner of the vehicle. It can also find the vehicle destination by means of the GPS positioning function, and retrieve it in time to reduce the loss of the owner. lowest!


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