How to choose Motorcycle Anti-Theft GPS tracker

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The Motorcycle Anti-Theft GPS tracker is a GPS anti-theft alarm tracker used by motorcycles. The product forms are various, and are divided into installation type and installation-free type. The concealment is strong, the safety is high, and it can work all day.

Motorcycle Anti-Theft GPS tracker can promptly remind the owner of the car theft during the implementation of the theft thief. After the vehicle is stolen, it can recover the stolen vehicle and catch the criminals, winning the love of the majority of electric vehicles and motorcycle owners.

Motorcycle Anti-Theft GPS tracker works
The product consists of GPS module + GSM communication module or GPS module + CDMA (GPSONE) communication module
1. Built-in special motion sensing chip, the system can detect and alarm in any situation from static to dynamic.
2. Built-in motion displacement special algorithm, any illegal movement (greater than 100M) can detect and alarm.
3. Built-in high-quality GPRS or CDMA communication module and GPS chip, can send positioning geographic information to the user's mobile phone or upload data to the specified track website.
4. GPS positioning: The positioning information includes speed information, and the outdoor positioning accuracy is 5-15 meters. The interior cannot be located.
5. GPSONE and base station positioning: There is no speed information for positioning information. The positioning accuracy depends on the density of the base station, and the indoor positioning accuracy is within 1 km.

Motorcycle Anti-Theft GPS tracker How it works
1. Triple positioning: GPS positioning + GPSONE positioning + base station positioning:
There is no blind spot in the whole process. In the case where the search satellite is less than three, the system automatically switches to GPSONE positioning. If no satellite is searched, it is switched to the base station positioning, that is, the place where the mobile phone signal is located can be located.
2. Vibration is alarm, and movement is tracking:
When the system changes from static to dynamic (moving or vibrating), that is, alarm tracking.
3. Get instant dynamic positioning information diversification:
A. SMS reply to the current Chinese location information of the vehicle
B. Log in to the track website to query the motion track and download the motion track text data.
4. Low voltage alarm:
When the product has a low battery voltage, the system will automatically send a text message to prompt the user to charge in time.
5. Electronic fence:
Anti-theft motorcycle enters or moves a certain setting area, alarm tracking

How To Choose Motorcycle Anti-Theft GPS tracker
1. It Is the installation simple and the operation;
2. What are the costs of the alarm alarm? Whether the product design fully considers the cost savings during use;
3. Whether there is gps positioning + base station positioning at the same time, there is no blind spot in the whole process;
4. Whether the built-in battery can work independently when there is no external power supply;
5. Whether it has real-time tracking and continuous tracking function;
6. Whether it can SMS and online check function;
7. Is there an electronic fence function?
8. The external power is dialed, it is can you alarm?
9. Is there a rainproof function and can work around the clock? Because of the complex environment of electric vehicles and motorcycles, this is very important;
10. What is the annual service fee for the platform and how to collect it?
11. Can it defend against GPS jammers and jammers?

First understand the function of the Motorcycle Anti-Theft GPS tracker, then how to choose the best, the most suitable Motorcycle Anti-Theft GPS tracker

How to choose Motorcycle Anti-Theft GPS tracker

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