Published by admin9月 17,2019

What are the characteristics of GPS-specific positioning device

GPS is the abbreviation of English Global Positioning System. Compared with other navigation and positioning technologies, GPS-specific positioning device technology has the following characteristics.   Continuous coverage on a global scale. Due to the large number of GPS satellites, the spatial distribution and operation cycle have been carefully designed to allow at least 4 satellites to be observed at any time on any part of the globe, thus ensuring a global scale. Continuous three-dimensional positioning throughout the day.   Realize real-time positioning. The GPS-specific positioning device can determine the three-dimensional coordinates and speed loss of the motion carrier in real time, so that the motion direction of the carrier can be monitored and corrected in real time, avoiding various adverse environments, and selecting the best route, which is difficult for many navigation and positioning technologies.   High positioning accuracy. The GPS system can ...

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Published by admin9月 12,2019

Reasons for drift of vehicle positioning terminal

The vehicle positioning terminal is applied to a plurality of vehicle fields, and can perform real-time positioning on the vehicle, query driving trajectory, remote video, power cut control, and record whether the driver has an irregularity such as an offset route or an overload overspeed.   However, in practical applications, the vehicle positioning terminal also has its shortcomings, such as drift error, which is one of the most common problems. Although the drift error is not particularly large, it also causes a lot of trouble for the customer's management work. . Therefore, Huizhou Great-will Industrial Co., Ltd combines years of industry experience and the technology accumulated in overcoming this problem to briefly talk about the factors that affect the drift of positioning.   First, the antenna   The antenna itself has good quality and needs to choose a better antenna. Installation is a very important factor. This is the source of satellite positioning data. Ma...

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Published by admin9月 10,2019

What kind of protection can GPS equipment provide for the driver

As long as the task is received, the vehicles of the enterprise fleet must go out, day after day. However, the road is like a tiger's mouth. In the face of complicated traffic flow, how can the driver's personal safety be better protected? This is a question worthy of serious consideration.   Among various in-vehicle safety devices, the GPS equipment can be said to be another device for driver safety protection. Today, let me tell you how it is done.   Plan the route in advance.   The GPS equipment can pre-plan a most suitable driving route before the driver leaves the car, which saves the driver's travel time, avoids the driver's distraction due to the unfamiliarity of the route, and can directly evade the driver's traffic congestion or driving in dangerous places.   Record the driving track.   Each GPS equipment device will automatically record the driver's driving record, including driving time, speed, route, mileage statistics and other data. Through...

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Published by admin9月 09,2019

Electric motorcycle GPS locator invisible installation skills

The convenience of electric motorcycles is believed to be recognized by everyone. The use of motorcycles as their own auxiliary means has become an urban fashion. Motorcycle thieves have also become increasingly rampant, so motorcycle anti-theft is even more important. There are many kinds of motorcycle anti-theft devices on the market, and there are many kinds of names. From electronic alarms, disc brakes, U-locks, chain locks to more advanced GPS satellite positioning alarms. Most of them are passive anti-theft measures, but the emergence of GPS satellite positioning anti-theft devices has broken the limitations of passive anti-theft of motorcycles. The GPS anti-theft device receives the satellite signal with high precision, and can lock the position of the motorcycle within ten meters or even several meters. Using the GSM mobile signal network to immediately send warning commands such as vibration alarm, power failure alarm, illegal movement to the mobile phone. The user can also...

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