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Advantages and disadvantages of wireless car GPS device

The previous article introduced the advantages and disadvantages of the wired car GPS tracker. Today, I will introduce the wireless car GPS device, so that everyone can have a general understanding of the wired car GPS tracker and wireless car GPS devices when selecting the GPS tracking device. When you buy, you won't be able to start. Wireless car GPS device The wireless car GPS device means that the entire device has no external wiring, so the external power supply cannot be obtained. The working period of the device is limited by the built-in power supply. The service life of the wireless car GPS device battery is determined by the positioning frequency you set. The higher the positioning frequency, the shorter the battery life. Therefore, the wireless car GPS device is generally a long standby type, which can be used directly for 2 to 3 years without replacing the battery or charging. Advantage: The wireless GPS positioning time can be controlled, and the device enters the sleep...

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Advantages and disadvantages of wired car GPS tracker

Today's increasingly developed, whether enterprises or individuals want to control the car at any time, many people are uncertain when buying a car GPS location tracker, because it is not sure which type of wired car GPS tracker and wireless GPS tracker is good? In fact, "every coin has two sides", the focus of choosing a GPS tracker is whether it is suitable, how to avoid weaknesses. I am here to give you a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the wired car GPS tracker, as follows: wired car GPS tracker   The "line" of the wired car GPS tracker is used to connect the vehicle's power line, ACC line, etc. The wired car GPS tracker working power is provided by the vehicle. Generally, the built-in miniature battery can make the device work from 0.5 hours to 1.5 hours after the power is cut off. It can prevent the device line from being maliciously cut off and unable to continue working.   Advantages:   Because the working power of the wired GPS t...

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TR08M new mini GPS tracker no monthly fee

The TR08M new mini GPS tracker adds two functions to the basic functions of the GPS Tracker - OTA upgrade and light sensor alarm. Next, you will learn about the TR08M new mini GPS tracker. Parameter List Of TR08M new mini GPS tracker Function Of TR08M new mini GPS tracker Other FunctionsOther Functions​ Functions Function Details Location Data Report Real-Time Tracking Vehicle Status Detection Car Acc On/Off Status Power Down Alarm Low Power Alarm Over Speed Alarm Oil Checking Illegal Dismantling Alarm The Power Down Alarm And Light Sensor Alarm Triggered Of The Device In 2 Minutes, Then The Illegal Dismantling Alarm Will Be Reported To The Server  Other Functions  Blind Area Uploading Data Epo Located For Assistance  Inflexion Upload  Inflexion Upload  Upgrade Remotely  Need Assistance Of Factory Low Power Consumption Static Mode Installation Process Of Product 1. Device installation (1) Check Devic...

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Electric vehicle GPS tracker installation problem

The installation of the electric vehicle GPS tracker is different according to the function. The more complicated the electric vehicle GPS tracker is installed, the more complicated it is. The following describes the easy-to-install electric vehicle GPS tracker method. This electric vehicle positioner has four basic lines: positive and negative power lines, ACC line and RELAY line (optional). The first is to define the definition of the line of different colors of the electric vehicle positioner.   The factory defines the electric vehicle GPS tracker outlet: Electric vehicle GPS tracker's red line is the positive power supply wiring, and the electric vehicle battery positive pole (9-90V range)   2, Electric vehicle GPS tracker black line is the negative power supply wiring, connected to the electric vehicle battery negative   3, Electric vehicle GPS tracker orange line is the ACC detection line, connected to the ON position of the ACC on the electric vehicle   ...

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