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Great-Will teaches you how to buy your own GPS locator

We can see GPS everywhere in our life, so how can we buy a GPS locator suitable for ourselves?Below by great-will technology GPS locator manufacturers small make up to introduce the characteristics of GPS locator to see you buy which kind of GPS locator, the content is as follows GPS can be seen everywhere in our life, we also know that GPS locator is very important for our life, so how can we buy a suitable GPS locator?Below by great-will GPS locator manufacturers small series to introduce the characteristics of GPS locator to see what kind of GPS you buy, the content is as follows: GPS locator from its own characteristics to divide: wireless GPS locator, wired GPS locator, personal GPS locator. Wireless GPS includes: 3 years super long standby, OBD interface locator, strong magnetic standby 1 month GPS locator. Wired GPS locator includes: without built-in battery, with power off alarm, anti-shield type, induction type. Personal GPS locators include: location phones, portable loca...

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greatwill: Is a GPS vehicle tracker wired or wireless?

greatwill:GPS vehicle tracker Is a GPS vehicle tracker wired or wireless?           For the current car owners, most of them will choose to install GPS vehicle tracker to control the vehicle at any time. Many of them will hesitate when choosing GPS vehicle tracker. Should they choose wired GPS vehicle tracker and wireless GPS vehicle tracker? 1, cable GPS GPS than wireless GPS locator cable out of the "line", is used to connect to the vehicle, such as the power cord, the ACC cable GPS work power provided by the vehicle, generally with the micro battery can make the equipment in power can still work after 0.5 hours to 1.5 hours, the line was malicious cut off to prevent the equipment can't continue to work.          Advantages: Because the working power supply of wired GPS can be provided by the vehicle, the feature of wired GPS is that it can locate in real time 24 hours a day. There is no need to worry about the device suddenly running out of power and going offline. In terms of ...

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GPS locators:What kinds of car GPS locators are commonly used

There are three kinds of automobile GPS locators: OBD interface, linear connection, and strong magnetic free device. The following is a brief introduction of the three kinds of automobile GPS locators.OBD interface Car locator: OBD interface Car locator's biggest feature is the convenience device, directly plugged into the OBD interface above.   It also has the added benefit of being able to read the car's fundamental parameters, such as gas mileage and mileage.But his coefficient of peace is low, without what technology can be easy to pull him down, not suitable for the use of mortgage rental car, suitable for private car management.If you want to purchase an OBD interface type, you need to make sure that your car can support it. Basically, domestic cars before 2007 did not support OBD inspection. Several different types of AUTOMOTIVE GPS locators, defect analysis, linear car locators: This type of device USES power lines to connect the battery power. It does not carry large capaci...

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You know what?Why is A GPS tracker important to your car

Some may think that owning a separate GPS unit is overkill. After all, most smartphones are now equipped with GPS navigation, right? But due to far more specialized functionality, dedicated GPS trackers for your cars reign supreme over the ones installed on your phone. Smartphones might have taken over the world today, but there are still some things you might be looking for in a navigation system that you can’t get out of a smartphone, no matter how “smart” it is. Several people have benefited from GPS trackers in cars, and the major benefits include promoting safe and relaxed driving. The data provided by the navigation system determines the device's real-time location, as well as reports to keep you updated on the driver’s activity. These are all presented on the device's companion app, which is accessible via mobile phone or computer. The mapping software in the app gives accurate directions, and the quality is better than that of the built-in app on your smartphone. And in the ...

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