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What are the benefits of GPS locators

Initiative to reduce emissions and fuel consumption Prior to fleet monitoring, fleet managers did not know what happened when the employees and vehicles of the organization left business days. There is no way to know to whom the work should be sent or if it is in progress. Park managers can now evaluate which cars are being sent to the site for repairs. Sending your next car saves time, saves money (uses less fuel), and reduces emissions. GPS technology can also control the speed of a vehicle. Acceleration is one of the fastest ways to spend cash. Speeds above 90 km / h can save fuel up to 2% per mile and hour. Using GPS as a tracking solution can slow down the driver. Cut side line Some fleet managers have observed that employees are using the company's vehicles for secondary operations. The fleet solution states that the vehicle has been used for several hours and detects directions.Reduces vehicle wear by eliminating auxiliary work. It can also help protect your brand. You do...

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About GPS device

    How does  GPS device work? GPS device is connected to a satellite system to determine the geographic location of the device. The essential principle is that the GPS device uses a process called trilateration to determine its physical location based on the distance from three GPS satellites. This is exactly the same technology used in portable or car navigation systems. The GPS device is also very different from the navigation system. The tracker can not only provide you with location and driving directions, but also record your driving habits and driving status, and can also transmit its location anytime, anywhere. When a car's GPS device is able to transmit its location, this means the exact same technology as a mobile phone making a call or connecting to the Internet. That's why some GPS trackers are charged monthly. What are the main uses of automotive GPS devices?   Car GPS  tracking equipment mainly lets you know the real-time positioning of your vehicle, ...

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common problems of OBD auto tracker

How to install and use after receiving the goods?   The OBD interface GPS locator is free of installation. After the device is plugged into the flow card, the OBD interface is found in the car, and the OBD auto tracker is inserted into the OBD interface, and it can be used.   How does the OBD auto tracker check the car?   The device supports multiple check modes such as computer, mobile APP, and SMS.   What are the functions of the OBD auto tracker?   The device has real-time positioning, track playback, electronic fence, mileage statistics, overspeed reminder, power failure alarm, single and double number limit reminder, data detection and other functions. Why does the OBD auto tracker drift when it is still?   The device has GPS positioning and base station positioning (LBS). In the case of normal outdoor signal, it is GPS positioning. The accuracy of GPS positioning technology is in the range of 5 meters. In indoors, such as underground park...

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What are the powerful functions of gps vehicle monitoring system

Usually, vehicles that need to use the gps vehicle monitoring system are car-based companies, such as bus companies, taxi companies, logistics companies, car loan companies, and so on. To be more precise, all companies with cars gps vehicle monitoring system, because every car is facing the risk of being stolen. Compared with the value of the vehicle, the price of the GPS device is simply a slap in the face. However, the risk of theft of the vehicle is greatly avoided, so the positioner is worth buying. Gps vehicle monitoring systems and functions are constantly being developed. In the future, more and more comprehensive functions will be introduced in conjunction with big data and cloud computing to help customers reduce the risk of lost cars and the risk of vehicle escape. The function and type of gps vehicle monitoring system are:   Vehicle abnormal condition warning, once the vehicle exceeds the normal driving range, or prompts an alarm, let the customer pay attention to ...

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