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common problems of OBD auto tracker

How to install and use after receiving the goods?   The OBD interface GPS locator is free of installation. After the device is plugged into the flow card, the OBD interface is found in the car, and the OBD auto tracker is inserted into the OBD interface, and it can be used.   How does the OBD auto tracker check the car?   The device supports multiple check modes such as computer, mobile APP, and SMS.   What are the functions of the OBD auto tracker?   The device has real-time positioning, track playback, electronic fence, mileage statistics, overspeed reminder, power failure alarm, single and double number limit reminder, data detection and other functions. Why does the OBD auto tracker drift when it is still?   The device has GPS positioning and base station positioning (LBS). In the case of normal outdoor signal, it is GPS positioning. The accuracy of GPS positioning technology is in the range of 5 meters. In indoors, such as underground park...

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What are the powerful functions of gps vehicle monitoring system

Usually, vehicles that need to use the gps vehicle monitoring system are car-based companies, such as bus companies, taxi companies, logistics companies, car loan companies, and so on. To be more precise, all companies with cars gps vehicle monitoring system, because every car is facing the risk of being stolen. Compared with the value of the vehicle, the price of the GPS device is simply a slap in the face. However, the risk of theft of the vehicle is greatly avoided, so the positioner is worth buying. Gps vehicle monitoring systems and functions are constantly being developed. In the future, more and more comprehensive functions will be introduced in conjunction with big data and cloud computing to help customers reduce the risk of lost cars and the risk of vehicle escape. The function and type of gps vehicle monitoring system are:   Vehicle abnormal condition warning, once the vehicle exceeds the normal driving range, or prompts an alarm, let the customer pay attention to ...

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Five tips for choosing a vehicle locator device

The GPS vehicle management system service provider of Huizhou Great-will industrial Co., Ltd introduces you to the GPS module of vehicle locator device, which is an integrated circuit that integrates an RF chip, a baseband chip and a core CPU, and adds related peripheral circuits. So how should we choose?   1, good receiving sensitivity   Receive sensitivity is the minimum received signal power that the receiver can correctly take out the useful signal. The good receiving sensitivity of the GPS navigation module enables wireless products to have a stronger ability to capture weak signals. Thus, as the transmission distance increases, the received signal becomes weak, and high-sensitivity wireless products can still receive data, maintain a stable connection, and greatly increase the transmission distance.   2, very fast positioning time   The positioning time refers to how long the vehicle locator device will automatically start to determine its position, usually...

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Guide of buying GPS auto positioning system

When you purchase GPS auto positioning system you need to know the following: 1.GPS auto positioning system is exclusive to the company, personal cannot use The manufacturing threshold of the GPS auto positioning system is high, but the original intention of the design is to facilitate human life, bring convenience, corporate assets, the fleet has more effective locator management, and individuals can also use it, which is ignored by many people, such as Children's mobile phones, the elderly anti-lost mobile phones are their applications, and a large area is the car locator, which can be used to guide driving and speeding reminders, which plays a big role in safe driving. price of GPS auto positioning system At present, there are many kinds of GPS locators on the market, and the quality is uneven. This has led to a variety of prices. Generally speaking, there are good quality guarantees and technical support. Because of the cost of the enterprise, the price of the locator is sever...

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