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Advantages and disadvantages of wireless car GPS device

The previous article introduced the advantages and disadvantages of the wired car GPS tracker. Today, I will introduce the wireless car GPS device, so that everyone can have a general understanding of the wired car GPS tracker and wireless car GPS devices when selecting the GPS tracking device. When you buy, you won't be able to start. Wireless car GPS device The wireless car GPS device means that the entire device has no external wiring, so the external power supply cannot be obtained. The working period of the device is limited by the built-in power supply. The service life of the wireless car GPS device battery is determined by the positioning frequency you set. The higher the positioning frequency, the shorter the battery life. Therefore, the wireless car GPS device is generally a long standby type, which can be used directly for 2 to 3 years without replacing the battery or charging. Advantage: The wireless GPS positioning time can be controlled, and the device enters the sleep...

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Published by admin7月 01,2019

Advantages and disadvantages of wired car GPS tracker

Today's increasingly developed, whether enterprises or individuals want to control the car at any time, many people are uncertain when buying a car GPS location tracker, because it is not sure which type of wired car GPS tracker and wireless GPS tracker is good? In fact, "every coin has two sides", the focus of choosing a GPS tracker is whether it is suitable, how to avoid weaknesses. I am here to give you a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the wired car GPS tracker, as follows: wired car GPS tracker   The "line" of the wired car GPS tracker is used to connect the vehicle's power line, ACC line, etc. The wired car GPS tracker working power is provided by the vehicle. Generally, the built-in miniature battery can make the device work from 0.5 hours to 1.5 hours after the power is cut off. It can prevent the device line from being maliciously cut off and unable to continue working.   Advantages:   Because the working power of the wired GPS t...

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TR08M new mini GPS tracker no monthly fee

The TR08M new mini GPS tracker adds two functions to the basic functions of the GPS Tracker - OTA upgrade and light sensor alarm. Next, you will learn about the TR08M new mini GPS tracker. Parameter List Of TR08M new mini GPS tracker Function Of TR08M new mini GPS tracker Other FunctionsOther Functions​ Functions Function Details Location Data Report Real-Time Tracking Vehicle Status Detection Car Acc On/Off Status Power Down Alarm Low Power Alarm Over Speed Alarm Oil Checking Illegal Dismantling Alarm The Power Down Alarm And Light Sensor Alarm Triggered Of The Device In 2 Minutes, Then The Illegal Dismantling Alarm Will Be Reported To The Server  Other Functions  Blind Area Uploading Data Epo Located For Assistance  Inflexion Upload  Inflexion Upload  Upgrade Remotely  Need Assistance Of Factory Low Power Consumption Static Mode Installation Process Of Product 1. Device installation (1) Check Devic...

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Published by admin6月 25,2019

Five steps to easily solve GPS terminal failure

In the process of using GPS positioning equipment, it is inevitable that you will encounter the following small problems that you are not caught by. For GPS terminal failure phenomenon and solution, learn these steps, you are also a master! Common GPS trackers, detailed problem solving methods, so that you no longer have a headache!   First,if you cannot log in to the network or the GPS terminal device cannot be named, the live observation indicator will not light up: 1. Check if the power supply is correctly connected to the device; 2. Check if the fuse on the power line is disconnected; 3. Check if the power cord and the car power supply connection are loose or fall off; 4. If the test is normal, the device may be damaged. Please contact the device supplier to solve the problem. Second, you can log in to the GPRS network or GPS terminal equipment, the name is normal, but the GPS is not positioned: 1. Check whether the car is in the blind spot of GPS signal, leave the blind s...

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Published by admin6月 21,2019

How do you see if you are being cheated by car GPS positioning?

It’s shameful to defraud, although we can’t solve it from the roots of people, and the forecast is hard to prevent. However, there have been similarities in the behavior of car fraudulent loans. Here are some clues from the perspective of car GPS positioning.   First, the car stops at an abnormal position   From the GPS monitoring platform, if the vehicle frequently stays in areas such as automobile 4S shop, used car market, auto repair shop, etc., according to the experience, this car is likely to have some little tricks.   Because the vehicle with the car GPS positioning can monitor the location of the vehicle in real time, the fraudster needs to remove the car GPS positioning of the vehicle, and the fraudster often takes the vehicle twice, so before the fraudulent behavior occurs, the loan vehicle It may appear more frequently in auto repair shops, auto 4S shops and other areas.   Second, the GPS device signal status is abnormal   The GPS device is divide...

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Published by admin6月 20,2019

The features of motorbike gps tracking device with anti-theft

In the current society, electric vehicles are almost every family. Because of their small size and convenient use, they quickly enter people's lives and become our most important means of transportation. It is also because of the small size and lightness of electric vehicles that attracted the attention of thieves. Everyday, in addition to the car to park in a place where people are in charge and develop a good habit of leaving the car locked, what other methods do we have to better protect our electric car? - Then you need to use the electric motorbike gps tracking device. Great-Will has introduced a electric motorbike gps tracking device alarm product for electric vehicles, applying advanced GPS positioning technology to the location service of people and vehicles. With the GPS monitoring platform, users can record and track the position information of electric vehicles in real time. So what are the advantages of electric motorbike gps tracking device anti-theft? The main cha...

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Published by admin6月 18,2019

Select GPS tracker merchants to pay attention to these issues

The application of GPS in life has become very common. People's living standards are constantly improving. Various anti-theft and protection awareness is becoming stronger. For example, if you purchase a car, in order to protect the safety of the car, a GPS tracker will be installed in the car; Equipped with a GPS tracker to protect the safety of children; fear of losing the elderly will also be equipped with a GPS tracker. And from the top of the network to search the GPS tracker, there will be a variety of information, how to buy GPS tracker, you can go to other articles to see, this mainly introduces the purchase of GPS tracker, need to avoid some things.   1, GPS tracker no SIM card free flow fee for lifetime.   First of all, the GPS tracker without the SIM card does not exist. We can look at the principle of GPS: GPS tracker to obtain satellite signals -> send to the server through the network -> the server calculates the latitude and longitude and resolves the ...

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Published by admin6月 14,2019

GPS tracker wholesale need to pay attention to some details

Buy GPS trackers need to pay attention to some details, people who wholesale GPS tracker will also encounter such details, there are some details will appear, then now we specifically look at what GPS tracker wholesale is really worthy of our attention. In the environment of many products, wireless GPS tracker, wired GPS tracker, portable GPS tracker, or other various GPS trackers, they all have a common feature, that is, this product is aimed at who to do, or the manufacturer is targeting which market to design this product. Many times, when you go to wholesale GPS tracker,you will feel that this GPS tracker is easy to use,this GPS tracker is suitable,this GPS tracker is good. But sometimes you do not think about it carefully that who is the sales target you are facing. For example, you are targeting individual users, but you bought 2 year long standby time wireless GPS tracker wholesale. This kind of equipment is generally used in the vehicle rental industry. Individual users bas...

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Published by admin6月 10,2019

What abnormalities can be monitored by the car loan GPS tracker?

Auto finance companies need to minimize the risk of loss and secondary lending of mortgage-laden vehicles. They need the help of the car loan GPS tracker to install the car loan GPS tracker on mortgages and loan vehicles for real-time monitoring to reduce abnormal risks of vehicle presence.  Then what abnormal behavior can be monitored by the car loan GPS tracker? (1) Abnormal driving path The car loan GPS tracker can record the daily driving route of the vehicle. After collecting the data, you can get the usage of the car and the places that often appear to estimate the range of motion of the owner. When the vehicle suddenly deviates from the previous driving route. Even when driving out of a province, the car loan GPS tracker will issue a warning notice to remind auto finance companies to pay attention to the vehicle. (2) Abnormal stop position The car loan GPS tracker can record the location where the vehicle stops every day, that is, summarize the information through big data a...

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Published by admin6月 01,2019

What are the advantages of wireless free GPS tracker?

At the beginning, most of our wired GPS trackers, the choice of GPS trackers in different GPS vehicle management schemes in the industry is different. In many cases, the advantages of installing GPS trackers are even more important, especially in mortgage and rental vehicles. So what makes the installation of GPS so attractive?   Let's look at the market changes in recent years: Many car loan companies have a headache before the establishment of my car, how to protect the safety of funds, at this point, many customers will want to install GPS to track, in the past, the tracking equipment is still wired equipment, in the beginning, this is a new thing that it really makes customers taste the sweetness, and their users’ minds are well stopped.Later, with the development of the times, users know such devices, they start to destroy along the line,the tracker is invisible. Wired equipment once occupied the market. From 2000 to 2016, the wired GPS tracker on the market has always dom...

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Published by admin5月 30,2019

What are the common problems with GPS tracking module?

First, let's take a brief look at what the definition of the GPS tracking module is: the GPS tracking module is a signal receiver, which can be connected to a computer or mobile phone by wireless Bluetooth or wired, and transmits the signal it receives to the computer or mobile phone. The GPS software is processed. The GPS positioning we often say is called the user part. It receives and demodulates the satellite's broadcast C/A code signal like the "radio" with a frequency of 1575.42MHz. GPS does not broadcast signals and is passively positioned. 1. What is the meaning of the 16 channels of the GPS tracking module? The GPS tracking module (what is GPS) has a parameter of the number of channels. For example, the latest type is 16 channels. It means that the module can establish communication with 16 satellites at the same time. The module only receives more than 3 satellite signals at the same time. After the complex operation, the correct positioning data can be obtained. If the n...

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Published by admin5月 29,2019

The function and application of GPS real-time monitoring system

With the continuous development of GPS positioning technology, GPS real-time monitoring system has been widely applied to various industrial fields and achieved good management results. The monitoring platform is the core of GPS monitoring and is a remote visual command and monitoring management platform. It is a technology that combines GPS, wireless communication, image processing and GIS technology for remote real-time monitoring of mobile people, vehicles, pets and equipment. First, achievable functions: 1. Real-time tracking and positioning: The monitoring vehicle is monitored in real time through the GPS real-time monitoring system. Including: the real-time position of the vehicle, the direction of travel, and the speed of travel, so as to facilitate timely grasp of the driving conditions of the vehicle. 2, Playback track data: The GPS real-time monitoring system can play back the historical itinerary and trajectory data of the specified time period in the past 60 days. 3. Al...

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