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Do you understand the free installation tracker?

Today we are talking about the topic of free installation tracker. In the market, GPS trackers are generally divided into wired,  wireless,free installation and OBD modes. The free installation tracker can be divided into cars, individuals, pets and so on. The following focuses on the free installation tracker for vehicles. Advantages of free installation tracker: 1, small size and high security, no wiring is required to install, where to put it wherever you want. 2, concealment is good, thieves are not easy to find, the owner does not have to undergo professional training, the equipment is completely free of wiring installation, through the magnet to absorb the body, free to absorb in the chassis, under the seat and other unexpected places, can play very good Anti-theft positioning, the thief is difficult to find equipment to destroy. Disadvantages of free installation tracker: 1, power supply problem, can not be powered by car power, need to charge or replace the battery, but th...

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The reason why owners choose OBD GPS tracker device

In 2010, the GPS tracker was still a very high-sounding product, and it sold hundreds of units every month. At that time, no one knew that the GPS tracker broke out so much. The industry that uses the most GPS trackers should count the type of car. As people's living standards become higher and higher, cars have become a dedicated means of transportation for every family. And the GPS tracker has become the favorite object of all major owners.Today, GPS trackers are diverse, wireless GPS tracker device, personal GPS tracker device, portable GPS tracker device , etc., and the OBD GPS tracker device stands out. So why do car owners love OBD GPS tracker device? Below I briefly introduce the features of the OBD GPS tracker device: 1, positioning theft. This is the most basic function of the OBD GPS tracker device, and most of the owners are mainly purchased for this function. It allows you to know the location and basic situation of your car in real time. 2, track playback. You can view...

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Be careful about these traps when buying a GPS Tracker Device

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy and society, the social economy has continued to develop and the people's living standards have continuously improved. A safe, comfortable and prosperous life is the goal that people strive to pursue. The GPS tracker device officially entered the line of sight of people. For example, if you buy a car, in order to protect the safety of the car, a GPS tracker device will be installed in the car; the child will be equipped with a GPS tracker device to ensure its safety; if the elderly are lost, they will also be equipped with a GPS tracker device. And from the network above a search GPS tracker device, there will be a variety of information, how to buy GPS tracker device, you can go to other articles to see, this mainly introduces the purchase of GPS tracker device, need to avoid some traps. 1, GPS tracker device no SIM card free flow fee for no lifetime. First of all, the GPS tracker device without the sim card does not ex...

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Is the application of gps tracker device really omnipotent?

GPS positioning is not a new thing in the present, it is big enough to the car rental industry, as small as personal wearable devices, gps tracker device can be seen everywhere, then GPS positioning system is omnipotent in life? Can gps tracker device retrieve the phone? I have been in this industry for a long time, and I often encounter some customers who ask "can help find the phone" when they consult. First of all, you must determine whether your mobile phone's gps tracker device is turned on. Secondly, this method of retrieving the mobile phone through the gps tracker device that comes with the mobile phone is only applicable to the mobile phone being in standby state. Once the mobile phone is turned off or offline, and the traffic function is not turned on, Can not be positioned! So it is unrealistic to find a lost phone by this method. Is the gps tracker device worn by a person really so amazing, can you accurately locate the location? Personally worn gps tracker device is mai...

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How much do you know about the GPS device?

1.Basic information The GPS device is a global positioning system for receiving and analyzing the orbit information and time information of several satellite back-return waves in space to calculate the longitude, latitude, horizontal height and moving speed of the GPS receiver. The basic equipment of a GPS device usually includes a GPS receiver, a parser, and a high-efficiency microcomputer. GPS is a satellite-based radio navigation system developed by the US Department of Defense. GPS provides three-dimensional position, speed and time for all land, sea and air users around the world 24 hours a day. It is more accurate than other radio navigation systems. 2.The composition of the GPS device Space segment, control segment, and user segment. 3, GPS equipment terminology Antenna: It mainly refers to the position of the wire used by the GPS when it receives the signal, such as the built-in antenna, external antenna, and car antenna. Interface: The interface of the GPS device can be di...

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What is the personal GPS tracker and its feature?

With the process of China's reform and opening up, the soaring social economy has also brought about the problem of polarization between the rich and the poor, and the social security situation is grim. At the same time, the aging population is getting more and more serious. Various cases of trafficking in women and children have occurred frequently on the Internet and on television. People are becoming more and more insecure and hope to protect themselves or their loved ones with the help of some technology products. Personal GPS Tracker comes into being. The full name of Personal GPS Tracker is personal GPS positioning monitoring device. GPS is an all-weather, all-weather, full-time, high-precision satellite navigation system developed by the US Department of Defense. How does Personal GPS Tracker work? The Personal GPS Tracker sends the signal transmitted by the GPS satellite to the server through the network (SIM card), and then presents it to the platform through a series of a...

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GPS Device Tracker Keeps Track of Your Truck

Every undefeated bourgeois is aware of that economical fuel use – particularly for trucks and fleets, can save you money on operational costs within the long haul. But how can we achieve it?There are some tips for you. 1.Improving Driver Behavior The behavior of your driver matters once it involves business. Safe driving not solely gets your truck from one purpose to a different, it additionally ensures safety of your staff by wanting into their speed, engine start-up and shut-down times, and even idleness times. 2.Increasing Safety and Security A hidden Truck GPS Device Tracker  in your truck will immensely improve security by making certain that just in case of thievery, you'll be able to recover your plus quickly, and hopefully, in addition as your inventory on board. 3.Reporting Activity Improve operations by having the {information} organized in a very manner that's convenient to you: get information concerning daily vehicle or driver activity, routes, speed, and even route sto...

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The GPS vehicle tracker can be used in this aspect

As day by day goes by massive cities particularly those who area unit a part of urban areas have a growing waste management downside. It's vital to make sure that each one the waste is expeditiously off from the areas as quick as doable because it caused a great deal of injury to the atmosphere and also the surroundings. The municipality system is currently taking varied steps to manage this growing downside like a rise in garbage trucks to get rid of garbage from completely different components of the country. If at any purpose there's a possibility during this system of waste management there would be a bigger downside to upset that might have forceful effects on the atmosphere, the largest being the dangerous garbage odor. The services of waste management area unit on the increase presently. To remain at the highest of this whole system, the waste management company work to the simplest of their ability to properly manage the waste that lies around within the town. They will try ...

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Functions and features of 3G GPS vehicle tracker

3G GPS vehicle tracker which is stronger signal and waterproof makes the car more secure.   When the 2G GPS vehicle tracker became more and more extensive, the 3G GPS vehicle tracker was born. The 3G GPS vehicle tracker is based on the 2G GPS vehicle tracker and strengthens the signal to make the positioning more accurate. Let me introduce a 3G GPS vehicle tracker to you. The size of 3G GPS  tracker is 81*42*13.5mm,and this tracker strengthens the signal, can track in real-time, locate precisely,cut and restore oil and electric, track 3 months historical backup on the platform. And the waterproof function is one of its highlights. If your car is convertible,, just in case of a sudden rainy day, and you forget to close the canopy. Don't be afraid that, because the 3G  tracker is waterproof; the child will drink water in the car and accidentally sprinkle the water on the 3G GPS vehicle tracker, but you don't worry at all. Besides,3G GPS  tracker has 5000pcs data memory, when G...

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Why should truck gps tracker be equipped with a SIM card?

Those who have used the truck gps tracker know that if the device is to be used normally, a SIM card must be configured in the device, and the card is in a state in which it can be used normally. Why do We have to use SIM card in the truck gps tracker to track the vehicle? Just understand the principle of the gps tracker and know why you need a SIM card? What is a gps tracker?    The GPS tracker is a terminal with a built-in GPS module and a mobile communication module, and is used for transmitting the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet through a mobile communication module (gsm/gprs network), thereby being implemented on a computer or Query the terminal location on the phone. Truck gps tracker principle: After reading the above content, I already know the positioning principle of the truck gps tracker. Receiving the data transmitted by the GPS satellite through the GPS module in the device, and then transmitting the data to the server through t...

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Vehicle gps tracking devices Offline reason

1.vehicle gps tracking devices are not online? (1) Observe the indicator light of the device. The blue GSM signal light flashes for 3 seconds to indicate that the server is connected normally. If the light is always on, the SIM card is loose or the contact is bad. At this time, the SIM card can be shut down and reinstalled. (2) If the SIM card in the device has a call function, please dial the SIM card number. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle gps tracking devices will automatically hang up; if prompted to shut down or temporarily unable to connect, you can shut down and reload the flow card. (3) If the blue GSM signal and the call function are normal, the vehicle gps tracking devices are still not online, please contact the technician for assistance or repair.   2.vehicle gps tracking devices can't be located after going online? (1) Observe the indicator light after the device is powered on. The green GPS signal light flashes for 3 seconds to indicate that the positionin...

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Magnetic gps tracker device common problem

1. Magnetic gps tracker device funtion: real-time tracking, track playback, electronic fence, ACC detection, curve track compensation, remote power off and power off, a variety of intelligent alarms: power failure alarm, vibration alarm, low power alarm, speed alarm, Fence alarm, support APP/computer query trajectory, support main account at the same time monitor multi-vehicle, vehicle data report statistics. 2. Can I monitor multiple vehicles with the same magnetic gps tracker device at the same time? Yes, if you install this magnetic gps tracker on different vehicles, you can view their positioning and trajectory on one platform at the same time. 3. Is the AT2 Magnetic gps tracker device signal stable? Is it accurate? The magnetic gps tracker adopts the Beidou+GPS+LBS dual-star three-mode positioning, and the accuracy can reach 5-10 meters when the vehicle is outdoors and without iron coverage. When the Beidou+GPS signal is weak, it automatically switches to the base station posi...

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