Obd car gps tracker introduction and installation

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OBD is also called the on-board diagnostic system, which is the input and output interface for automotive digital information. This makes the car no longer a purely mechanical device, but an information device that generates data at all times. And intelligence and information are inseparable, so the real car network or smart car will inevitably use the OBD interface.

OBD can collect the basic data and positioning data of the car, analyze the data to formulate plans for car maintenance, or change the way the car insurance is quoted.

Obd car gps tracker also have their own drawbacks. Because it is connected to the OBD interface of the car, it is not easy to hide, and it is easy to be detected and destroyed, so the anti-theft function of the positioner cannot be realized.

The Obd car gps tracker is a plug-and-play locator with no complicated break-line installation steps. The OBD interface positions vary from model to model. Installation is also very simple, just like plugging a USB flash drive.

Tools/raw materials
Obd car gps tracker
Vehicles with OBD interface
Location monitoring platform
SIM card

1. Open the device cover and insert the SIM card into the card slot correctly. Close the cover.

Obd car gps tracker
2. Find the OBD interface of the car and open the cover; insert the device into the OBD interface of the car in the correct direction.

Obd car gps tracker
3, check whether the device is inserted, at the same time do not have a metal cover to cover the device. At the same time covered with OBD cover can be used.

Obd car gps tracker
4. Open the APP monitoring platform. Enter the IMEI number and initial password of the device to start positioning. It only takes a few minutes to locate the correct positioning data.

Obd car gps tracker is a GPS positioner that can be connected to the ODBII interface. It requires no professional wiring and plug and play. Through the OBOII interface, the mileage, vehicle fuel consumption, engine speed/temperature, vehicle speed, error code and other data are obtained, and the remote monitoring software is displayed as a remote meter. The UBLOX high-quality GPS module is used for fast positioning and high precision.

The Great-Will Obd car gps tracker TR09 is a dual mode of GPS satellite positioning and GSM base station LBS assisted positioning. Built-in 8MB FLASH, temporarily store GPS data when there is no GSM signal, blind zone replenishment function. Multiple position tracking modes: Timed Positioning Tracking + Angle Reporting, Timed Positioning Tracking + Distance Tracking + Angle Reporting, Distance Tracking + Angle Reporting, 3D Acceleration Sensing to determine the state of emergency braking of the vehicle.

The Obd car gps tracker is recorded to the monitoring platform, and various alarm functions are shifted out of the electronic fence. The product is illegally disassembled and the vehicle moves illegally. Alarm messages are sent to the platform center.

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