What is the personal GPS tracker and its feature?

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With the process of China's reform and opening up, the soaring social economy has also brought about the problem of polarization between the rich and the poor, and the social security situation is grim. At the same time, the aging population is getting more and more serious. Various cases of trafficking in women and children have occurred frequently on the Internet and on television. People are becoming more and more insecure and hope to protect themselves or their loved ones with the help of some technology products. Personal GPS Tracker comes into being.
The full name of Personal GPS Tracker is personal GPS positioning monitoring device. GPS is an all-weather, all-weather, full-time, high-precision satellite navigation system developed by the US Department of Defense.

Personal GPS Tracker

How does Personal GPS Tracker work?
The Personal GPS Tracker sends the signal transmitted by the GPS satellite to the server through the network (SIM card), and then presents it to the platform through a series of algorithms, so that people can view it through the APP or PC.

Personal GPS Tracker Features
1.GPS can be flexible and accurate real-time positioning.

2.Real-time location tracking, intelligent real-time upload location information to ensure security

3 .SOS emergency calling function,press the three seconds SOS button for help

4.Electronic fence, delineate the safe area on the electronic map

5. Can be viewed through the APP or PC

Personal GPS Tracker

Personal GPS Tracker application market
1.Student market: mainly for primary and secondary school students, parents want to know what the child is doing every day, whether to skip class, where to go after school, school violence, campus rape, of course, traffic danger, water danger still exists.

2.The children's market: the incident of child trafficking has occurred, many parents are willing to wear the Personal GPS Tracker to their children.

3. Young women market: More and more business women and young women are being harassed and even attacked by unscrupulous heterosexuals when they go out alone. Personal GPS Tracker calls for a very complete solution for this group. .

4.The elderly market: With the approach of China's aging society, the safety of elderly people has become an important issue for the safety of the elderly. Old people like Alzheimer's disease often go out, they can't find a home, and their families have no trace. Wear Personal GPS Tracker for the elderly at home to make the elderly more secure

5.Travel market: travel agencies will provide personal monitoring and protection for the guide with Personal GPS Tracker, to avoid tourists leaving the team or accidents during the travel, or in the event of an emergency, quickly issued SOS SOS and accurate positioning, easy to rescue The personnel quickly and accurately arrived at the rescue site.

6.Personal travel market: friends who like personal travel, because they are traveling alone, in the event of an emergency, quickly issued SOS distress signal and accurate positioning, so that rescuers can quickly and accurately reach the rescue site.

7.Field work market:Geological surveys, oil exploration, surveying and mapping units, field operations units, these may be in the depths of some places where people are rare. With Personal GPS Tracker, you can know its location in real time and provide real-time tracking and monitoring protection.

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