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New Style OBD Wireless GPS Asset Tracking Device With Easy To Install,No Wiring

Product Specification:

  • GSM Frequencies 850MHz/900 MHz /1800MHz /1900MHz
  • GPRS Class 12,TCP/IP
  • Voltage GSM: MTK 6252        GPS:  UBLOX7020
  • Speed Currency 0.1m/s
  • Working Currency 12V@25mA
  • Wide of Voltage 6-50V DC
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New Style OBD Wireless GPS Asset Tracking Device With Easy To Install,No Wiring

OBD TR09 New Style gps asset tracking device suitable for direct installation in the car socket, safety, the most important is not to wiring. Whenever and wherever relevant operation instructions can be directly sent through the platform, app and SMS, cars and latitude,motion  trackand so on can be tracked.     

GPS Asset Tracking Device is a 2g network machine with socket,easy to install and no wiring.


 New Style gps asset tracking device


GSM Frequencies 850MHz/900 MHz /1800MHz /1900MHz
GPRS Class 12,TCP/IP
Voltage GSM: MTK 6252   GPS:  UBLOX7020
GPS Tracking sensitive -159dBm
GPS Currency 10m(2D RM)
GSM Currency 50-300m
Speed Currency 0.1m/s
Cold Start -38s
Warm Start -32s
Hot Start -2s
Size 71*49*23mm
Weight 53g
Temperature -20--+70°C
Humidity 20%---80%RH
Wide of Voltage 6-50V DC
Working Currency 12V@25mA
LED Lights Status of GPS and GSM


  • Plug and play, easy to hide
  • Location:GPS +LBS +AGPS vehicle location
  • Support location services platform access,query location more convenient
  • Real-time tracking:SMS/PC/APP
  • Support power off alarm
  • Support Vibration alarm
  • Support Geo-fence
  • Support SMS and URL location querying
  • Built-in battery
  • Built-in GSM+GPS antenna       

OBD Wireless Car GPS Tracker Out-lookProduct Description 

GPS asset tracking device as long as the SIM card is installed, the socket can be officially positioned and tracked. The platform, APP and SMS can send instructions to view data, detect and track the situation of the car in real time.



Company Profile

We are a professional GPS Tracker manufacturer, established in 2006. As a leading OEM/ODM manufacturer of GPS products, we export GPS tracker for vehicle,kids ,pets and so on to clients in 20 countries.Our professional engineers team and sales team offer you a prompt,patient and efficient after services, help you solve your problems ASAP.

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Welcome Contact Us,we give you the best price and best quality products.We'll be happy to help you find a gps tracking device you need.


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