How do you choose a suitable GPS tracking device for your vehicle

159 Published by admin 5月 14,2019

With the continuous development of the society, the automobile has become the most important means of transportation, and the related industries have entered a period of vigorous development. The GPS tracking device has also begun to enter our life. However, the variety of GPS tracking devices in the market is beyond your imagination. As a new contact item, it is difficult to understand the characteristics of the product. The following I will talk about how to choose the GPS tracking devices suitable for your vehicle.

  1. Wired GPS tracking device

It is as the name implied, the wired GPS tracking device is connected the power cable to the car battery power supply. The device itself is not equipped with a large-capacity battery. Once it is removed or the battery is powered off, it won’t be positioned for a short time. Despite this, wired GPS tracking devices can be located in real time, and record vehicle travel information, historical travel trajectories, real-time alarm status, parking information, etc., as much as possible, which is very important to customers. After connecting the ACC line, it is very convenient to manage the fleet.

Of course, the wired GPS tracking devices are also flawed, that is, it is easy to be found and removed. After all, there are only a few places where the wires are installed in the car. As long as we have good technology ,the GPS can be found and removed. At the same time, it needs to be connected with the car battery power supply, so this causes the complexity of the installation. Under normal circumstances, the skilled installer also needs to be close to 20 minutes, but for those who do not understand the car line, this is impossible to start. Thus, you can go to the auto repair shop and let others help.

GPS tracking device

  1. OBD GPS tracking device

OBD GPS tracking device is a type of GPS device, it should be regarded as a variant of wired GPS tracking device. Its design inherits all the functions of the wired device. Some products have added more powerful functions, and the installation is very convenient, because the installation interface can be directly inserted in the OBD. it is also very convenient for small loan companies without professional installers. It is also possible to read information about the vehicle itself, such as fuel consumption, mileage traveled, and so on.

But its drawbacks are equally obvious, and without the help of technology, the owner can easily remove it. At the same time, OBD GPS tracking devices use different parameters for different models, so many models cannot read the basic information of the vehicle.

GPS tracking device


  1. Portable GPS tracking device

The portable GPS tracking device is generally similar in function to wired one. It can also return vehicle travel information in real time, record driving trajectories and parking information, and it has an acceleration sensor built in. It is used to judge the running and stationary of the vehicle. And the power supply uses a rechargeable lithium battery, which does not limit the installation position, and can be placed anywhere on the vehicle.

Its drawback is that the lithium battery exists a serious battery consumption phenomenon. Over time, battery life will be shorter and shorter, and all power will be consumed after up to 3 months of installation.

GPS tracking device

  1. Long standby magnet GPS tracking device

The long standby GPS tracking device is similar in structure to the portable GPS tracking device. The difference is that it defaults to send a position signal 24 hours, and using a zero self-discharge lithium thionyl chloride battery, which can stand for up to 3 years. It will not be easily detected by the detector. In the event of an emergency, it can be activated into a real-time online mode to assist the owner to find the car.

The drawback is that the track and the historical position of the vehicle are not visible in normal times. The specific location can only be viewed when activated in real-time online mode. Generally use it with wired GPS tracking device.

GPS tracking device
After the above introduction, you can choose a suitable GPS tracking device based on your car.

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