Top 10 FAQ of Car GPS tracker

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Car gps tracker is a professional communication product. Many customers bought car gps tracker and found that offline or positioning is not accurate, there is drift, and they don't even know how to use it. If the customer is not familiar with these situations, it is best not to buy a locator. First, master the usage and common problems of the car gps tracker, which will help you better choose the type and function of the car gps tracker.

Is there a charge for GPS navigation and location services?

There is no additional charge for this service. You only need to purchase a navigation product, such as a GPS mobile phone, a GPS PDA, or a car GPS product, or even a GPS module to enjoy the satellite positioning service for free.

Is the GPS tracker product globally versatile?

Yes, the GPS product is actually a satellite signal receiver that can be used in any location where it can receive signals. Just to be used for us, but also with local map software.

What factors affect the GPS tracker receiving signals?

(1) US Department of Defense SA satellite signal interference (US government for the sake of its own security, the civil code has a kind of interference called "Selective Availability" to ensure its military system has the best The effectiveness of SA. Because the SA randomly adds error information to the navigation message through the satellite, the positioning accuracy of the civil signal C/A code is reduced to about 100 meters. However, using differential GPS technology can reduce the system error to 10 to 15 meters. within.)

(2) Weather factors (including sunspots, bad weather, etc.)

(3) Under the shield of buildings, vehicles, insulation paper, or metal components, the GPS signal will reduce or completely lose the signal. In an open location, the GPS device receives the signal**.

How often is the GPS signal updated?

The satellite signal is transmitted once per second, so the signal received by the GPS is also updated every second.

How can GPS be positioned?

Since GPS is positioned by the principle of triangulation, it is necessary to receive more than three satellite signals to be successfully positioned, and when there are four satellite signals, the corresponding height value can be obtained, but usually the height value error is large, after all, the earth is Not a simple sphere.

What is the reason why GPS devices cannot be located?

(1) GPS signals are easily blocked by buildings and metals, so be sure to use your GPS outdoors.

(2) If you are unable to locate in the car, first place the GPS on the roof of the car. After the cold start of the GPS, try again and wait until it is normal before putting it in the car.

(3) Please check if your GPS is connected to your device.

GPS products have a "delay" phenomenon?

(1) Receiver's relay performance;

(2) CPU speed of PDA or PC and memory card reading speed;

(3) The RAM of the PDA should have more than 20MB of space, which can make the navigation software work;

(4) GPS signal is transmitted once per second, more or less related

 Top 10 FAQ of Car GPS tracker
 Why does GPS navigation "drift"?

The earlier GPS has a weak ability to collect stars, and there will always be a disconnection. Especially when it is used for navigation in the city, it is inconvenient to give the line. Later, some civilian GPS chips were developed, which also generated GPS signals with insufficient signal, which caused drift. But if in the same situation, the earlier GPS products will be completely disconnected, until the satellite with strong signal can be found. So this is a more contradictory choice, but with the continuous development and upgrade of software and hardware, I believe this situation will be less and less.

Current GPS product types and prices?

At present, GPS products sold in the market are mainly divided into three categories: car GPS tracker, mobile phone/PDA with GPS function, and GPS module. The mainstream car GPS tracker products are priced at a few hundred dollars, with 3G, the price of the SOS function will be more expensive; the mobile phone with GPS function usually has a value of thousands of dollars, and the relative variety is relatively simple, this type of PDA is still Cheap, the cheapest is only about 100 yuan; GPS module can be said to be the most cost-effective, the price range is between 100 yuan.

In addition, it also includes specialized GPS products, such as GPS products customized for mountaineering, navigation, and industry. These products have large differences in use and prices are far apart.

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