The Balance Between Tracking Intervals and Battery Life

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GPS Tracking:The Balance Between Tracking Intervals and Battery Life

GPS Tracking

Are you in the market for a GPS vehicle tracking system?

Used to transmit location, these gps tracking devices rely on their GPS signal to calculate the relevant coordinates.
Chances are you want to purchase a quality gps tracking device that will meet your needs with little hassle. This means that—when exploring your options—you should examine factors ranging from battery life to the tracking intervals of each device. It’s important to find a balance between the two.
The GPS tracking devices at Brickhouse Security help users monitor and protect their assets—or people, when legal. Companies, for instance, often invest in our devices to track their vehicles, their expensive equipment, and the movements and whereabouts of their remote employees.

What are GPS tracking intervals?

GPS tracking intervals indicate the time that passes between each occasion the device turns on to capture its location. Intervals range from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, and devices with the latter offer much longer tracking intervals.
GPS trackers that use on-demand tracking only turn on in response to a specific location request. This is a popular option for keeping track of heavy machinery (specifically machinery that is only rarely moved), checking the wherabouts of a child, or monitoring the location of a high-profile person with extensive security needs.

However, an on-demand gps  tracking device may not be what you’re looking for. If this is the case, when searching for a GPS tracker, it’s crucial that you find a balance between tracking intervals and battery life. We’ll compare the difference between our two most popular battery operated GPS trackers: the Spark Nano and the EON.

How long will my battery last if I choose more frequent tracking intervals?

No matter the device you purchase, EON batteries will last significantly longer than Nano batteries. That said, gps tracking device with frequent tracking intervals inherently feature a shorter battery life.

A gps tracking device using 5-minute tracking intervals, for example, will have an approximately 21-day battery life in the Nano or an approximately 140-day battery life in the EON. The intervals are fairly spread out, and as such, the batteries will last longer. Conversely, a device using the shortest 10-second tracking intervals will last for far less time: approximately 8 days in the Nano and 40 days in the EON.

What is more important: tracking intervals or battery life?

Both tracking intervals and battery life are key features of any GPS tracker. GPS tracking devices need long-lasting batteries to function consistently. Simultaneously, they won’t serve the user’s needs without frequent enough tracking intervals.

So, what factor is more important—tracking intervals or battery life?

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. If you have inconsistent access to the vehicle gps tracker for recharging and need to remain tracking as long as possible, battery may need to be prioritized. In cases where the location of the gps tracking device is more important than the length of time tracking continues, you may safely choose shorter tracking intervals to ensure you capture the location information you’re looking for.

Please contact us if you have questions about our GPS tracking solutions.We'll be happy to help you find a gps tracking device with the tracking intervals and battery life you need.

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