How to extend the standby time of truck gps tracker

115 Published by admin 5月 07,2019

The current truck gps tracker are divided into two categories: wire truck gps tracker and wireless truck gps tracker.

Under normal circumstances, wired is the link vehicle power supply, which works 24 hours, so there is no problem of extending the standby time.

If you want to make the wireless truck gps tracker achieve long standby, it is important to choose the working mode of the gps tracker reasonably.

Wireless default mode: once a day, or once a week; or once a month, is naturally the best choice for long standby, in this mode the gps tracker will only start working at the set time, the gps tracker will follow After the time set by the user automatically uploads the data, the locator will enter the smart standby mode again and continue to save power. Until the next time you upload data. The timed upload mode is also a mode of more power saving.

When the vehicle is stolen, the user can turn on the tracking mode to quickly chase the car. At this time, the truck gps tracker will always upload the location information to help the user recover the vehicle. Of course, the real-time positioning mode is also the most expensive mode, and is generally only turned on when the vehicle needs to be recovered.
The user can set the relevant mode of the truck gps tracker according to his actual needs, and a reasonable choice will enable the truck gps tracker to achieve long standby time.

 truck gps tracker

Our AT-X series is a rechargeable long standby Asset gps tracker with exquisite appearance and small size. It can be installed on any moving target objects without any external wires. It has built-in super Li-battery which supports working continuously for 50 hours after charging fully and 800 hours in the power saving state for the stand-by. it is support three working modes option(Long working model,GSM always open model,Timer Mode)

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