Why should truck gps tracker be equipped with a SIM card?

152 Published by admin 5月 13,2019

Those who have used the truck gps tracker know that if the device is to be used normally, a SIM card must be configured in the device, and the card is in a state in which it can be used normally. Why do We have to use SIM card in the truck gps tracker to track the vehicle? Just understand the principle of the gps tracker and know why you need a SIM card?

truck gps tracker

What is a gps tracker?

   The GPS tracker is a terminal with a built-in GPS module and a mobile communication module, and is used for transmitting the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet through a mobile communication module (gsm/gprs network), thereby being implemented on a computer or Query the terminal location on the phone.

Truck gps tracker principle:

After reading the above content, I already know the positioning principle of the truck gps tracker. Receiving the data transmitted by the GPS satellite through the GPS module in the device, and then transmitting the data to the server through the GSM/GPRS network for analysis, and analyzing the latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, time and other information of the geographical location of the vehicle, and then we You can check the location of the vehicle on your mobile phone or computer.

truck gps tracker

Does the truck gps tracker have a SIM card that works?

According to the positioning principle of the GPS tracker, it can be seen that the truck gps tracker acquires the satellite signal to calculate the latitude and longitude, and then uploads the latitude and longitude to the server through the network, the server parses the specific location, and then the person queries the server for the location of the truck gps tracker through the mobile phone or the computer; Without the sim card, the latitude and longitude of the device cannot be issued, and everyone can't query the location of the device, so the truck gps tracker without the sim card does not exist;

Therefore, why the truck gps tracker should configure the SIM card, in order to transmit data. If the SIM is in arrears or for other reasons, the device will be displayed offline on the monitoring platform. In addition, some truck gps tracker devices have a monitoring function, which can be monitored by dialing the phone number of the SIM card on the device.

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