Do you understand the free installation tracker?

144 Published by admin 5月 24,2019

Today we are talking about the topic of free installation tracker. In the market, GPS trackers are generally divided into wired,  wireless,free installation and OBD modes. The free installation tracker can be divided into cars, individuals, pets and so on. The following focuses on the free installation tracker for vehicles.

free installation tracker

Advantages of free installation tracker:
1, small size and high security, no wiring is required to install, where to put it wherever you want.
2, concealment is good, thieves are not easy to find, the owner does not have to undergo professional training, the equipment is completely free of wiring installation, through the magnet to absorb the body, free to absorb in the chassis, under the seat and other unexpected places, can play very good Anti-theft positioning, the thief is difficult to find equipment to destroy.

Disadvantages of free installation tracker:
1, power supply problem, can not be powered by car power, need to charge or replace the battery, but the troublesome owners do not have to worry about this, Huizhou Great-Will Industrial CO.,Ltd has two GPS free installation tracker, a Long standby Asset gps tracker AT-2,it can be installed on any moving target objects without any external wires. and it has built-in super Li-battery which supports working continuously for 50 hours after charging fully and 800 hours in the power saving state for the stand-by. The other is the TR21, which has strong magnet wireless 2 year long standby vehicle GPS tracker,mini free installation vehicle anti-theft device, which eliminates the trouble of frequent charging.
2, the function is simple, the function of the GPS free installation tracker is generally simpler than the wiring type GPS tracker, and some functions that require external accessories to expand can not be realized, such as an external camera, a text broadcaster, etc. Therefore, the free-installation type GPS tracker is generally used for private cars, cars, rental cars, battery cars, and so on.

free installation tracker

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