Vehicle GPS Tracker Common Problems and Solutions

493 Published by admin 6月 28,2018

Q Sent via SMS command to the device,Why did not return information?

A: It may be caused by the following factors:

1.The device has no cell phone signal or power off, call the SIM card number on the device to see if there is a normal connection sound;

2.Check whether the card has opened the SMS function;

3, check the text messages stored on the card, if it is too much;

4, may be the delay of the SMS gateway;

Q: Why is the device offline?

A: Offline is the disconnection of the device from the server. After the offline, the Vehicle GPS Tracker data of the device cannot be uploaded to the server. Therefore, the current position of the device may not be seen on the platform.

There are usually several situations that can lead to offline:

  1. The device shuts down or is powered off.
  2. Dial the number of the SIM card in the device through the mobile phone. This is the case if you are prompted to turn off the phone or send an arbitrary command via the mobile phone's short message. Check whether there is any problem with the power supply line of the equipment, whether the line is powered off, and whether the power supply voltage and current are within the rated voltage and current range of the equipment.
  3. The device has no cell phone signal. Dial the number of the SIM card in the device through the mobile phone. This is the case if the prompt cannot be connected or is not in the service area. Park the car as far as possible in a better signal condition. The installation position should not be too sealing, do not have metal objects to block,to install top as much as possible. (In areas with no mobile phone signal such as underground garages, tunnels, remote blocking, etc., it will cause the device to go offline)


  1. The SIM card owes fees, whether the card owes fees, whether the Internet access function is enabled, whether the Internet access function takes effect and whether the package is changed. If it is a mobile SIM card, confirm whether the GPRS access point is cmnet. Appendix: If the GT02A Vehicle GPS Tracker is offline after the device is offline, try the following command, send FACTORY in sequence, 666666# (restore the factory settings, reply OK means success), RESET, 666666# (power off restart, reply OK means success ). If it is GT06 Vehicle GPS Tracker, FACTORY, 000000# FACTORY, 666666# (restore factory settings, reply Success! indicates success).


Q: The car is driving away. Why is it displayed in the previous position?

A: If it is a GT02A Vehicle GPS Tracker device, it is preferred to do so. The mobile phone composes an SMS: SENDS, 666666, 0# (Close the shock sensor, reply OK indicates success). Observe one or two days after the success of the setting. If the problem is based, please handle it as follows. Conventional: This phenomenon is because the device has not transmitted the latest positioning data to the server, and the old positioning data is still displayed.

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