How vehicle gps tracking devices remotely shuts off electricity

234 Published by admin 6月 25,2018

The principle of the vehicle remote control system is as follows: The vehicle is equipped with a gps positioning system and a control system for controlling the automotive oil pump and the main power supply. Through the wireless data network, two-way data traffic of the vehicle and the monitoring center can be realized in real time. When the monitoring center finds that the vehicle is abnormal, for example, the position is beyond the company's operating range, the monitoring center will issue an alarm. The on-duty personnel can check the status of the vehicle in real time. If it is determined as an emergency condition, it can control the vehicle through the wireless data network. The system issues an order to cut off the vehicle's oil pump and the main power supply, and sends back the data to locate the vehicle according to the on-board GPS positioning system and dispatches the personnel to dispose.

How does a vehicle gps tracking devices control a car's fuel off and power off? In some of our customer types, most of the companies that do car loans will choose to add this power-off function to the vehicle gps tracking devices.

Then we look at the next case:

  1. A car

      2, a vehicle gps tracking devices

      3, relay

      4, traffic card

      5, platform operation


So with these five combinations, how do we turn off and off the oil on the car at this time? Let's take a look at our own actual actions to prove it to you.

How to realize some operations of remote control of power-off and fuel-off by vehicle gps tracking devices:

The first one: Install wiring

If the line is not connected, it is difficult to truly achieve the function of power off and off, then how do we achieve such a function at this time?

The red line is connected to the positive pole, the black line is connected to the negative pole, the orange line is connected to the ACC, and the yellow line is connected to the relay, so that the function of turning off and off the oil can be achieved.

After that, when you plug in the GPS traffic card and wait for more than 10 minutes for the platform to display online, then we can test the remote power-off function.

Then we can see from this picture, when we have installed the wiring, and the equipment is also installed and stabilized, then we only need to make a click at this time, enter the password can easily power off the car off, make it hit On fire, the function of power cut off and oil cutoff took effect at this time.

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