Does mortgage secondhand car need to install vehicle locator?

156 Published by admin 3月 13,2019

In the era of advanced technology, more and more young people buy cars or even used cars with loans due to their advanced consumption concepts. But in the process of buying a car, some car shop staff will tell you that the car must be installed vehicle locator. Perhaps the majority of friends who buy a new car will comply with this requirement, but if only loans to buy second-hand vehicles, should we comply with this "overlord" requirements?vehicle locator

In fact, relatively speaking, whether the loan to buy a new car or a loan to buy a used car, do not have to comply with the car loan company to add vehicle locator to the car. For auto loan companies, the vehicle locator is more of a risk control tool, which is convenient for auto loan companies to manage the loan vehicle, prevent the loan vehicle from missing in the loan time, and better to monitor the vehicle. As a user whether to install or not is based on personal choice whether to add location equipment from the car loan company.

However, from the perspective of personal property security, it is necessary to install the vehicle locator on the loan vehicle.

Add vehicle locator also but spend a controlled yuan, but it can realize many small locator protective alarm functions, such as: Great - will GPS devices TR08, TR05, TR21 mobile alarm, vibration alarm, electronic fence functions, etc., to help users to protect property safety vehicle locator, from normal users to worry about "vehicles will lose" the trouble back at home.

Of course, not only mortgage used car need to install vehicle locator, usually involving personal or business unit vehicle property safety problems, we recommend the installation of vehicle locator. Use vehicle locator to protect our vehicles at all times and escort our vehicles.

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