What are the Vehicle Motorcycle gps tracker installation requirements

184 Published by admin 2月 28,2019

Motorcycle gps tracker products are used in many industries, and it is also the equipment for motorcycle anti-theft tracking. It has always been one of the standard for risk control of many auto finance companies.

The Vehicle Motorcycle gps tracker is a high-precision electronic device. The sensitivity and service life of electronic products are directly affected by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and signal source. If the Vehicle Motorcycle gps tracker is not being installed, it may affect the life of the Vehicle Motorcycle gps tracker or fail to achieve the preset function.

This is why the same Vehicle Motorcycle gps tracker has different effects in different cars, because the vehicle accuracy of the Vehicle Motorcycle gps tracker depends on the workmanship, material and chip of the device itself, and the environment in which the GPS locator is located. And external weather factors, all three aspects must be considered.


The following great-will introduce the installation environment requirements of the car GPS locator for your reference.

First, pay attention to waterproof:

To ensure that the installation location is not easy to enter the water, make sure the GPS positioning terminal is dry. For example, it is necessary to keep away from the air outlet of the air conditioner to prevent condensation from accumulating when the temperature difference changes, thereby strictly affecting the internal components of the terminal.

Second, pay attention to earthquake:

Do not install the GPS positioning terminal in a location with a long-term vibration, or install it in a floating position. It is recommended to use a cable tie, strong velcro or a strong magnetic adsorption car.

Third, pay attention to the temperature:

Use Vehicle Motorcycle gps tracker positioning products, must be used strictly in accordance with the temperature range specified in the instructions for use, if it exceeds the specified range, it is easy to cause electronic products to malfunction. For example, in the hot summer months, the temperature of the roof after drying can reach 80 degrees or above, and if the equipment is used in this environment, it will be seriously damaged. When the ambient temperature exceeds the normal working range, it is recommended to use the power off.

Fourth, pay attention to dust:

Covering the dust in the Vehicle Motorcycle gps tracker positioning device will cause some dust to penetrate into the device, which will affect the service life of the product and affect the positioning accuracy.

Fifth, anti-electronic interference:

Vehicle Motorcycle gps tracker is also subject to radiation interference. For example: electronic devices such as in-car audio and video, walkie-talkies, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to stay away from use to prevent conducted and radiated interference.

Sixth, the antenna placement position:

When the Vehicle Motorcycle gps tracker is installed, the antenna should be placed face up. It is best to see the sky so that the signal is stronger.

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