Reasons for drift of vehicle positioning terminal

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The vehicle positioning terminal is applied to a plurality of vehicle fields, and can perform real-time positioning on the vehicle, query driving trajectory, remote video, power cut control, and record whether the driver has an irregularity such as an offset route or an overload overspeed.


However, in practical applications, the vehicle positioning terminal also has its shortcomings, such as drift error, which is one of the most common problems. Although the drift error is not particularly large, it also causes a lot of trouble for the customer's management work. . Therefore, Huizhou Great-will Industrial Co., Ltd combines years of industry experience and the technology accumulated in overcoming this problem to briefly talk about the factors that affect the drift of positioning.


First, the antenna


The antenna itself has good quality and needs to choose a better antenna. Installation is a very important factor. This is the source of satellite positioning data. Many of the reasons for unstable or invalid positioning are caused by the unreasonable installation position of the antenna. .


The antenna head is generally flat and should be placed flat so that the area of ​​the receiving satellite signal is increased upwards. Cannot be placed vertically on the A-pillar of the vehicle.


When the antenna is relatively long, it cannot be looped at will, which will form a similar inductance effect and affect the antenna sensitivity. It should be pinched and tied tightly to form a linear shape that folds back and forth.


Antennas cannot be too close to electronic devices because electronic devices generally have a certain amount of radiated interference and should be kept as far away as possible. The camera is also one of the electronic devices, and sometimes it is ignored. It is also inappropriate to mount the antenna directly under the camera.

vehicle positioning terminal

Second, the positioning module


The stability of the module is very important, and it should work stably under various environments such as high and low temperature, humidity, etc. Selection is very important. Routine environmental testing, electrical performance testing, and software communication testing can ensure the normal use of the module, but it cannot ensure the long-term stability of the module in each environment of each region. It is necessary to comprehensively analyze the positioning data for a long time to judge the module. The merits and demerits are the basis for the module selection decision. Through comprehensive analysis, it is also possible to judge and classify satellite positioning signal quality under different regional and time-course conditions, so as to scientifically differentiate management when operating the business, and eliminate objective factors that are difficult to solve.


Third, network transmission


After the data received by the vehicle positioning device is judged and selected by various algorithms and module quality and antenna quality, effective positioning data is formed, and the data needs to be transmitted to the platform through the network. Due to the incomplete stability of the network transmission, the positioning data cannot be effectively transmitted to the platform. If some positioning data is lost, the positioned vehicle may "fly" in the map. Therefore, it is necessary to design a better cache and data replenishment mechanism. When the network is interrupted, the positioning data is cached on the device side, and the data to be retransmitted will not be discarded at will when the device is restarted and shut down.


Fourth, the platform processing


The locator positioning data is transmitted to the platform and analyzed and stored and displayed. It is generally believed that the data obtained is valid data, but since the historical data stored on the device side is limited, how to make good use of the massive platform data is also a research topic. If it is just storage, it is very simple, but if the line is further identified and identified in conjunction with the history record, and the line library is formed, and then through intelligent automatic query, the positioning data points of the device side can be more accurately optimized and corrected, thus, A line, when displayed on a map, is the best effect, bringing the best experience to customers.

vehicle positioning terminal

to sum up

In summary, the choice of vehicle positioning terminal is not on the surface to look at the appearance of the equipment, talk about the price is so simple, test verification is the last word. Some car GPS terminals on the market have similar appearances, but in fact they are similar in appearance, and the design principles of the accessories inside are completely different. Here, the manufacturer of the vehicle positioning terminal of Huizhou Great-will Industrial Co., Ltd reminds everyone to be cautious when choosing products. The choice of big brands and the manufacturers with post-maintenance guarantees are the best.

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