Advantages and disadvantages of wireless car GPS device

222 Published by admin 7月 05,2019

The previous article introduced the advantages and disadvantages of the wired car GPS tracker. Today, I will introduce the wireless car GPS device, so that everyone can have a general understanding of the wired car GPS tracker and wireless car GPS devices when selecting the GPS tracking device. When you buy, you won't be able to start.

Wireless car GPS device

The wireless car GPS device means that the entire device has no external wiring, so the external power supply cannot be obtained. The working period of the device is limited by the built-in power supply. The service life of the wireless car GPS device battery is determined by the positioning frequency you set. The higher the positioning frequency, the shorter the battery life. Therefore, the wireless car GPS device is generally a long standby type, which can be used directly for 2 to 3 years without replacing the battery or charging.


The wireless GPS positioning time can be controlled, and the device enters the sleep state immediately after the transmission signal ends. The flexible adjustment can largely avoid the interference of the GPRS signal shielding device and the sensing of the signal detector, thereby further improving the tamper resistance of the device.

Wireless GPS can be installed free of charge, because there is no wiring, so the installation of the wireless GPS tracker is not limited by the vehicle line. It can be placed in any position of the vehicle with strong magnetic and velcro (note the signal strength), and the hiding is excellent, except for the owners of the car, it is difficult to find out, the security is good.

wireless car GPS device


Compared with the wired GPS tracker, the wireless GPS function is relatively simple and cannot be located in real time. The position information displayed by the wireless device is the position information of the previous positioning, not the current location information, So real-time positioning will not be turned on unless the car is stolen or in other emergency situations.

In addition, the wireless GPS device signal is also slightly worse. Because there is no wiring with the car, some state changes of the vehicle cannot be detected, and the timeliness is also poor.

Applicable vehicle type:

Vehicle leasing, car loan management, private cars, tracking and investigation, valuable logistics and transportation, bus passenger transportation, cargo tracking and other industries.

If you don't consider the battery problem, wired GPS is better than wireless GPS, but it is not absolute. In some specific vehicles and scenarios, the owner should choose the GPS device suitable for his vehicle according to its advantages and disadvantages, so that it can do more with less. If necessary, I suggest that you can install both wired and wireless GPS devices in one car, with double protection.

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