Correct Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices Installation Is More Effective

227 Published by admin 12月 25,2018

 vehicle gps tracking devices 

How to use vehicle gps tracking devices correctly

A correct installation step of the vehicle gps tracking devices can effectively help you save time and energy, so what is a correct installation step of the tracker?

Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices Installation Method

Plug-in power GPS locator must be connected to the car power supply, can work 24 hours, generally criminals want to use this product to track other vehicle gps tracking devices, is impossible. Because it must be connected to the power supply of the car, it is different from the general plug-in locator. Therefore, it is not recommended to use external power supply.

Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices Installation Way

  • If you understand electricity, their own can also be installed, in fact, as long as you find the car power positive and negative, negative pole is very easy to find, the body of the iron is the negative pole, the positive pole in the box, the car key switch near the search or directly connected to the battery
  •  It is best to receive normal electricity, is not affected by the car key switch, directly from the car battery lead to the power line
  •  Pay attention to the vehicle gps tracking devices locator has a light side to the sky, the side facing the sky do not close to the metal blocking the internal GPS antenna, it also needs to receive 20,000 km away from the satellite signal oh
  •  Can also ask the relevant technical personnel to install, charge according to the local specific situation

Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices Installation Position

  • Headlights above the front windshield
  • Inner shelter of decorative plate under the front windshield
  • Cover around the front dashboard
  • Door partition
  • Under the decorative plate under the rear windshield
  • Inside the front bumper, please pay attention to waterproof
  • Under the wiper board, please pay attention to waterproof


Note: if the windshield is pasted with metal insulation layer or heating layer, vehicle gps tracking devices reception signal will be reduced, resulting in abnormal GPS operation. At this time, pay attention to the replacement of equipment installation location.

Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices Install the point

  • To avoid damage by thieves, the vehicle gps tracking devices location should be hidden as far as possible 
  • Avoid putting the transmitter source together, such as wireless reversing radar, anti-theft device, and other vehicle-mounted communication equipment 
  • It can be fixed with tie tape or fixed with wide sponge strong double-sided adhesive tape 
  • There are GSM antenna and GPS antenna in the equipment, which should be installed face up (facing the sky)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     If you want to know learn more vehicle gps tracking devices, you can click About us to contact us.

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