What are the advantages of wireless free GPS tracker?

120 Published by admin 6月 01,2019

At the beginning, most of our wired GPS trackers, the choice of GPS trackers in different GPS vehicle management schemes in the industry is different. In many cases, the advantages of installing GPS trackers are even more important, especially in mortgage and rental vehicles. So what makes the installation of GPS so attractive?


Let's look at the market changes in recent years:

Many car loan companies have a headache before the establishment of my car, how to protect the safety of funds, at this point, many customers will want to install GPS to track, in the past, the tracking equipment is still wired equipment, in the beginning, this is a new thing that it really makes customers taste the sweetness, and their users’ minds are well stopped.Later, with the development of the times, users know such devices, they start to destroy along the line,the tracker is invisible.

Wired equipment once occupied the market. From 2000 to 2016, the wired GPS tracker on the market has always dominated. The wireless free GPS tracker has just emerged in recent years. From the beginning, it has not been seen by people and is now recognized by customers. The time is only 4 or 5 years.


So why are the current wireless free GPS tracker liked by the market?


A, easy to install

The installation of the wired GPS locator was a little troublesome, and it required tools to be installed. The installation needs installation fee. If you install 500 units a month, the installation cost is a large expenditure. The installation of the wireless free GPS tracker does not need to be installed, so the installation cost is saved, the installation is very convenient, and the owner can install it himself.


B, there is a certain advantage in price

How much is the current wireless-free GPS tracker? It is 20-70 US Dollar, although the price is low, but the function has not been reduced, but more LBS base station positioning function, the scope of positioning is wider.


C, reducing the possibility of being demolished

Many customers know that the wired GPS tracker is easy to be removed by the user along the line. Once it is removed, the role of the tracker is gone. The current wireless-free GPS tracker does not need to be fixed in those places. Wherever you want to put it, where to hide it, the average person will not find it.


D, long standby time

In general, the installation of wireless free GPS tracker is a problem - limited power. The lack of electricity in the equipment is a headache. As a taxi company, a mortgage company, a business vehicle manager, etc., they can't find the equipment and charge it in three days. How to solve such a problem? Long standby wireless free GPS tracker of Huizhou Great-Will Industrial CO.,Ltd can solve this problem, as long as the battery of the wireless-free GPS tracker is fully charged, and the electricity can be used for 2 years! Don't be afraid when the car is driving!



The long standby wireless free GPS tracker has a long standby time, and it is not easy to be found, and has low traffic costs. Many car loan and car rental companies like this product very much. Now, you know the advantages of long standby wireless-free GPS tracker

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