Teach you to install wireless GPS tracking device covertly

186 Published by admin 5月 28,2019

With the improvement of people's quality of life, cars are becoming more and more popular, and everyone pays more attention to the safety of car use. Therefore, more and more owners of GPS trackers are installed on cars. Some car owners like online shopping GPS positioning equipment. First of all, we don't discuss the quality of the products, but there are no special tools and professional techniques to install them. I don't know where the installation is the most hidden and safe. Once discovered by the lawless elements, the car was removed and the car tracker was bought. The GPS tracker could not be used for anti-theft.

Now, there is a wireless GPS tracking device that does not need to be installed. It can be easily solved without professional technology. Just place the device in the shelter of the car.

wireless GPS tracking device

It is AT-2 wireless GPS tracking device,which is with strong magnetic,it can be installed on any moving target objects without any external wires and the following is its main features:

Long Standby Asset wireless GPS tracking device AT2

*Portable installation without any process with Magnet

*Real time positioning track your vehicle anywhere

*Applicable to any kind of cars,no cars limit option

*Built-in MIC, Listen to live sounds remotely

*Movement sensation alarm,over speed alarm,vibration alarm

*Three working modes option(Long working model,GSM always open model,Timer Mode)

Let's take a look at some of the places that are more subtle.

wireless GPS tracking device

Wireless GPS tracking device generally have several fixed installation places, you can refer to it:

1. Bumper.

The bumper is a good installation location, and it is difficult to find a device with a strong magnet as long as the magnet is absorbed.

2. The position of the trunk.

The trunk has a wide position and can be directly absorbed. For example, there are many unexpected places next to the taillights of the trunk.

3. Spare tires.

Place a GPS locator in the spare tire. There are really many people who suspect that there is still a wireless GPS tracking device in the spare tire.

4, inside the seat.

For some people who know how to install, they will directly check whether the GPS tracker is placed on the seat, but it may be difficult to imagine in the seat. Because it is hidden in the seat, it is generally difficult to find.

5, in the door partition.

There is also a place for the wireless GPS tracking device in the door panel.

5, rearview mirror inside.

Who can believe that a small rearview mirror can accommodate a wireless GPS tracking device, I believe many people will not notice that the rearview mirror will also hide a locator. Therefore, the most dangerous place is also the safest, or it makes sense.

Small cars, each with hidden dark spaces, even if you can't see the corners, you can find them carefully.

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