Security and simple wireless magnetic gps tracker functions

151 Published by admin 2月 25,2019

It takes only a little while to install the wireless magnetic gps tracker, and then he can hardly feel his presence. It has been working silently, so that you can't feel it. It looks like a car accessory and works silently because it uses silent working techniques. It does not have an indicator light to illuminate, and there is no way to "leak it" as if it does not feel its existence.

It is -- wireless magnetic gps tracker, a wireless magnetic gps tracker you deserve.

wireless magnetic gps tracker

Features of wireless magnetic gps tracker equipment:

First, easy to use, plug and play

Wireless magnetic gps tracker, no need to install, no wiring, just need to insert the card in the GPS device can be placed in any position inside the car, or even attached to the car chassis, it can be perfectly hidden, eliminating the cumbersome operation when installing the wiring.

Second, large-capacity lithium battery, professional power-saving working mode

The product has built-in super 6000MA lithium battery, and returns the positioning information once a day. The non-working state automatically enters the sleep power saving state, and can be used for one-time long standby for three years without external power supply.

Third, wireless magnetic gps tracker is concealed and difficult to detect

Fully built-in antenna (built-in GPS antenna, built-in GSM antenna), no need to install, can be placed anywhere in the car, easy to find, and concealed. And the installation of the wireless magnetic gps tracker does not start working at the specified time, and automatically sleeps during non-working hours, which can effectively prevent the detector from detecting.

Fourth, free installation of wireless magnetic gps tracker, the body of the rental industry bodyguards!

wireless magnetic gps tracker

The wireless magnetic gps tracker is designed for long standby. Due to its concealed nature, the wireless magnetic gps tracker is the first choice for the rental industry. Such as: car rental companies, credit mortgage vehicles, loan vehicles, valuable logistics and transportation, cargo transportation tracking, used vehicles, container leasing, anti-theft of electric vehicles and motorcycles, specific items and vehicle monitoring.

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