5 tips to buy a good GPS tracker

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With the continuous improvement of everyone's living standards, cars have become a vital travel tool for everyone. Therefore, the GPS locator has become the most widely used machine in people's daily life. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for different groups of people, such as the car rental industry. Many places have production locations for car gps tracker, so many people come to buy them. When you are ready to buy it, you must pay attention to the following knowledge points, otherwise you will not be able to buy your favorite product.

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A. Compare the quality of the GPS locator

When we choose a GPS locator, we must learn to compare products. Many people who buy a new GPS tracker will say that the one I used before is better. But this is not correct, because each product is used at a different time and place, and the final result is different. It must be used for a long time to feel the difference between the two GPS locators. Choosing a trusted GPS tracker is also very important.

B. Not all batteries can be used as a long standby locator

For the long standby GPS Tracker, the capacity and characteristics of the battery determine the length of the standby time. Because the standby time is proportional to the battery capacity, the larger the capacity, the longer the battery life. Therefore, the battery capacity can be used as a judgment method.

But not all large-capacity batteries are suitable for this judgment method. There are many types of batteries, and the Tracker may consume power during normal use.

Obviously, a battery that cannot be used for ultra-long standby, such as a polymer battery pack battery. Under normal circumstances, the self-discharge of this kind of battery is very high. Specifically, you can imagine your own mobile phone battery. Check to see if there is any electricity when it is turned on after a month, and how long it will last.

Therefore, everyone should not trust the sales of merchants in the market but choose the right one. Don't be greedy for convenience and portability and just buy small in size at will. If you want to have a long standby time, you must choose a good battery. The battery capacity must not only choose a large battery, at least 10,000 mA or more, but also choose a good type, don't choose a high-discharge battery.

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C. GPS reception intensity meter is no longer sufficient as a reference for GPS purchase

When you buy a GPS locator, you will only look at the reception table on the electronic map. It used to be quite accurate, but the current GPS locator, in order to make the receiving meter look good, so there are fake signals or simulated signals and so on. The reception meter is indeed very beautiful, but it may not be positioned correctly or even displayed correctly. Therefore, when choosing a good GPS locator, you must have a comprehensive understanding. Don’t choose because of its shape. In fact, there are still many good GPS locators on the market.

D. GPS locator can not completely locate.

GPS locator is not like a mobile phone broadcast, no matter where it is, there is a signal. There are many things that affect the GPS locator search. Including the distribution status of positioning satellites, buildings, viaducts, radio waves, trees, etc. Generally speaking, the area where the sky can be seen from the position of the GPS locator is the area where the GPS locator can receive the signal. In comparison, the GPS positioning accuracy of GREAT-WILL is relatively good.

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gps tracking

E. The function of the positioner is not as many as possible.

In fact, multi-function does not mean the best. Some GPS devices have simpler functions, but their performance will be more stable. Functional support is different from functionality. Many functions of GPS locator can only be realized by accessories. If GPS supports these functions, it should be used with accessories. If it is not supported, it cannot be achieved.

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