Five tips for choosing a vehicle locator device

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The GPS vehicle management system service provider of Huizhou Great-will industrial Co., Ltd introduces you to the GPS module of vehicle locator device, which is an integrated circuit that integrates an RF chip, a baseband chip and a core CPU, and adds related peripheral circuits. So how should we choose?


1, good receiving sensitivity


Receive sensitivity is the minimum received signal power that the receiver can correctly take out the useful signal. The good receiving sensitivity of the GPS navigation module enables wireless products to have a stronger ability to capture weak signals. Thus, as the transmission distance increases, the received signal becomes weak, and high-sensitivity wireless products can still receive data, maintain a stable connection, and greatly increase the transmission distance.


2, very fast positioning time


The positioning time refers to how long the vehicle locator device will automatically start to determine its position, usually in seconds. When this time is reached, the vehicle locator device sends a signal to the GPS positioning satellite to begin determining its position, and includes the initial start, cold start, hot (warm) start positioning time. Whether it is car navigation or map navigation in mobile phones, it is based on the GPS module. The shorter the positioning time, the easier the test data is.

vehicle locator device

3, positional accuracy


Position accuracy refers to the degree to which the spatial point acquires the coordinate value and its true coordinate value. The high accuracy of positioning accuracy is the basis of GPS positioning module design. If the positioning accuracy does not reach the functional effect, then the gorgeous GPS module design will make people happy. Of course, different navigation environments must first consider the use of the situation, and then consider other factors.


Positioning accuracy can be investigated under static and dynamic conditions, and dynamic positioning is better than static positioning. The GPS positioning parameters are measured under the condition that the satellite signal is excellent under a completely open sky. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the nominal positioning time and positioning accuracy in conventional tests.

vehicle locator device

4, power consumption


Power consumption, that is, power loss, refers to the difference between input power and output power of devices. With the rapid development of computer technology and microelectronics technology, the field of embedded system applications has become more and more extensive. Energy conservation is the craze of globalization. For example, many chips in computers used to be powered by 5V. Now they use 3.3V and 1.8V, and put forward the concept of green system. Many manufacturers pay great attention to the low power consumption of GPS modules. The low-power design of circuits and systems has always been an important factor to consider when designing electronic engineering technicians.


5, time accuracy


Time accuracy is a classification based on the metrics required by each user and is a way to measure. The time precision can be divided into nanoseconds (ns), picoseconds (ps), microseconds (us), milliseconds (ms), seconds (s), minutes (min), and hours (h).

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