What are the most commonly used gps trackers in life

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In people's social life, GPS applications are everywhere. When the global satellite positioning system is installed on a car, it can be used for real-time positioning, robbery alarm, car phone, theft alarm, manual navigation, remote fuel and power failure, remote unlocking of the door, and battery undervoltage alarm. When the global positioning satellite system is applied to the production command of oil field enterprises, it can monitor the operation of oil wells, oil and gas pipelines. It can also position electricity, water conservancy, and construction as well as dispatch and command buses and other freight vehicles. When the global satellite positioning system is used in social security and community services, it can locate and monitor the financial professions, flammable and explosive dangerous goods professions, and real-time dispatch. At the same time, it can also monitor residential quarters and household safety precautions. But it still depends on the more common applications in personal life.

gps tracking

gps tracking

A:    Gps tracking vehicle supervision

Beidou system also has great applications in vehicle supervision. It can remind you when the vehicle is speeding and the driver is driving fatigued. These include concrete vehicles, taxis, buses, etc. Moreover, the Beidou system is also widely used on bike-sharing. Bike-sharing can be positioned through the Beidou system, which is conducive to car finding and parking positioning, and charging can be stopped only at the positioning location.

gps tracking

gps tracking

B: Gps tracking logistics and transportation

Logistics transportation not only refers to the field of express transportation, but also covers cold chain transportation of fresh vegetables and fruits, cargo transportation and catering industry transportation, takeaway, etc. The logistics transportation field requires high timeliness and fast delivery, but sometimes superiors and customers cannot grasp the actual transportation status of the car. After having a GPS locator, superiors and customers can immediately query the actual transportation status of the goods on the GPS platform. In this way, it is possible to predict the arrival time of the goods through the GPS positioning system and make preparations for receiving the goods in advance.

Automotive locator

gps tracking

C:Gps tracking animal management

Animal management includes livestock such as cattle, sheep and horses, as well as pets such as cats and dogs. Let’s talk about animal husbandry first. The animal husbandry data can be collected according to the GPS locator. The herders can carry out grazing management, positioning monitoring, and health status query anytime and anywhere according to the APP. Managers can avoid inbreeding according to the traceability system, which is helpful for prenatal and postnatal care and complete grassland supervision. It can also deal with the problem of grassland decline caused by overgrazing. Besides pets, nowadays more and more people keep pets such as cats and dogs. It is inevitable that pets will be lost due to negligence. Pet GPS locators can prevent risks well.

D: Gps tracking  student safety

The student wears an electronic student ID with a GPS locator function. It can handle many problems such as difficulty in attending school and attendance in school and being out of control in emergencies. In order to protect the safety of children in all aspects. Not only can you grasp the child's arrival and departure status in real-time, but also know the child's arrival and departure information. When students enter dangerous areas, such as dams, black Internet cafes, construction sites, etc., GPS locators provide immediate warnings so that parents can take immediate safety precautions.

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