Several tricks to prevent the car GPS locator from being removed

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The car GPS locator has the functions of positioning, navigation and anti-theft. It has long been an open secret in the automotive industry. I bought a car and added a vehicle location tracker, in order not to let you track him, or directly destroy the GPS locator line, let the GPS locator power down, or use special means to let the GPS signal Shielding, GPS does not respond, the owner can not track where his car is.

For example, after the rental company’s car is rented out, many car hirers know that the rental company’s car is equipped with GPS positioning. He knows more than you, the GPS circuit is broken, or the GPS signal is blocked, and another one is opened. The city, low-cost sales, the owner of the rental company can't track the car at all, and the car is sold where it is not known.

First, gps locator selection

1) If the customer only needs basic positioning and tracking function, it is recommended to install a GPS locator with built-in edge antenna. Although the built-in antenna will compare the received signal of the external antenna, it does not hinder the normal signal reception, and the built-in GPS locator The small size makes it easy to install in a concealed manner, and the product of the external antenna is a waste product if it is lost.

2) Select the tamper-type GPS locator. As long as someone removes the GPS locator, or destroys the GPS line, and cuts the GPS power cable, the car can't be used normally. Even if there is the original car key, it can't be used.

3) Select the GPS locator with backup power. When the external power supply is damaged, the backup battery can still work continuously for tracking and positioning. The GPS locator produced by Boschian has the function of receiving power-off or dismantling alarm information in real time after the GPS is cut off or being maliciously disassembled. The equipment can still work continuously for 2 hours after power-off.

4) Free-installed gps locator, the installation-free gps locator can be installed at any position of the car, which not only improves the concealment, but also does not damage the original car line, but the main antenna is not blocked, otherwise the satellite cannot be received. Signal, location information can not be sent out. Bosch knot BSJ-A5C model built-in super magnet, can be attached to any metal surface, and small size, long standby.

5) In addition, the company that chooses its own monitoring platform is selected, so that even if the GPS locator is removed, the vehicle trajectory playback function of the monitoring platform can be used for forensics to speed up the search for vehicles. The BS monitoring platform built by Boschjie provides powerful functional services for the fleets of various industries. It is simple in operation and friendly in interface, and is the best choice for vehicle management.

prevent the car GPS locator from being removed

Second, gps locator installation

Where is the gps locator installed?

Try to install concealed places and install the equipment in a place where the car is not easily found.

Car GPS locator installation location recommended:

    1. The rooflights above the front windshield;

    2. Concealed inside the decorative panel below the front windshield;

    3. Concealed areas around the front dashboard;

    4. In the door partition;

    5. Under the decorative panel below the rear windshield;

    6. Inside the front bumper, pay attention to waterproof;

    7. Under the wiper board, pay attention to waterproof;

Note: If the windshield is pasted with a metal insulation layer or a heating layer, the GPS receiving signal will be reduced, causing the GPS to malfunction. At this point, pay attention to replace the equipment installation location.


Third, matters needing attention

1. Avoid putting together with the launch source, such as wireless parking sensor, anti-theft device, and other in-vehicle communication equipment;
2. It can be fixed with a cable tie or with a strong sponge double-sided adhesive.

3. Anti-vibration, to avoid the equipment installed in a large position for long-term vibration.

4. Should choose the location that is not easy to enter the water to ensure the drying of the terminal, pay attention to keep away from the air conditioning air outlet to prevent the condensation water from accumulating in the terminal seriously affecting the service life of the product when the temperature difference changes.
5. There are GSM antennas and GPS antennas in the equipment. When installing, ensure that the front side is facing upwards (toward the sky). Do not close the metal object to the internal GPS antenna on the side of the sky to avoid affecting the signal.

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