You must understand the five gps tracker common sense questions

1,758 Published by admin 8 月 27,2018

With the current widespread use of gps tracker. Many people encounter some common problems in their daily use. Today, Great-will explain some common sense of gps tracker.

1, Gps tracker can not be completely positioned

Gps tracker are not like mobile broadcasts, there are signals everywhere, and many things will affect the Gps tracker search star. It includes the distribution status of the positioning satellite, buildings, viaducts, electric waves, trees, etc. In general, looking up from the position of the Gps tracker, the area where the sky can be seen is the area where the Gps tracker can receive the signal. In comparison, the positioning accuracy of China-Great-will GPS is still relatively good.

2, Don't use it once or twice to determine the quality of the Gps tracker

Since the status of the positioning satellites is different every day, perhaps the same place, the morning reception is full, but it is possible to locate at night, and it may be difficult to locate for several days. Therefore, we have to use it for a long time to determine the good or bad of the Gps tracker you are using. Do not blindly draw conclusions.

3, compare the quality of the Gps tracker

When we choose the Gps tracker, we must learn to compare and compare. Many people who buy a new Gps tracker will say that the one I used before is better, but this is not true, because the time and place are different. The final result is much worse and must be used for a long time to feel the difference between the two GPS locators.

4, GPS receiving strength table is not enough as a GPS purchase reference

Everyone buys a GPS locator and only looks at the receiving list in the electronic map. It may have been quite accurate in the past, but the current GPS locator has a fake signal or a simulated signal in order to make the receiving table look good. and many more. The receiving form is really beautiful, but it may not be positioned, or even not displayed correctly. Therefore, everyone must fully understand when choosing a good GPS locator, do not choose because of its shape, in fact, there are still many GPS locators on the market is good.

5, there is no so-called indoor positioning GPS locator

Basically, there is no signal in the room, no signal, real indoor positioning. It is indoors from the start of cold start, but the same positioning is the real indoor positioning, but basically there is no meaning in indoor positioning, because I will not navigate at home.

The above is some basic common sense about the Gps tracker that Great-will explain to you. I hope everyone has a more comprehensive understanding of this. As the market for GPS locators grows stronger, we have to do it when we purchase it. A comprehensive investigation, so that everyone can choose a GPS locator that makes you feel good.

five gps tracker common sense questions

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You must understand the five gps tracker common sense questions

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