GPS anti-theft tracker solves the risk of stolen electric car

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In this social context, the intelligent anti-theft service of electric bicycles based on GPS and Internet of Things is thus in demand. Introduce the concept of human-car interaction and communication interaction, face the crime of short-term theft and transfer of criminals, and use GPS anti-theft tracker and base station positioning technology to assist the police to speed up the investigation through continuous positioning and tracking.


The entire electric vehicle GPS security anti-theft monitoring software consists of a background monitoring system and an electric vehicle GPS hardware.


The background monitoring software is the “nerve center” of the whole system, which centrally realizes monitoring, scheduling, pick-up/warning, and other information services, and coordinates and manages the hardware of the whole system, including statistical analysis of the data.

GPS anti-theft tracker

Functional Analysis of GPS Anti-Theft Tracker Monitoring Platform for Electric Vehicles


The electric vehicle GPS anti-theft tracker monitoring system is designed to ensure the best performance and minimize the cost, and to maximize the cost performance. The software system is developed independently, which is convenient for long-term cooperation and ensures the economic and practicality of the software system.


The electric vehicle GPS anti-theft tracker solution is customized for electric vehicles:


  1. Remote power-off: When the vehicle is stolen, the user can remotely operate the vehicle by sending a short message command through the mobile phone to realize the power-off function;


  1. Battery tamper alarm: When the criminals remove the vehicle battery, the system will issue a GPS power failure alarm, and the system will assign the phone to GPRS through GPRS;

GPS anti-theft tracker

  1. Send an alarm message: the vehicle is illegally powered off;


  1. Electronic fence alarm: The designated area can be set for the vehicle. When the vehicle exceeds the designated area, the device automatically alarms and sends a text message;


  1. Real-time positioning of vehicles: Real-time monitoring of vehicle position can be realized through GPS satellite positioning and GSM network communication;


  1. Historical track query: You can query the travel route, parking time and speed of the vehicle in the historical time period in detail, and can export and form a report;


  1. Vehicle vibration and displacement alarm: After the vehicle vibration and displacement alarm are armed, when the vehicle vibrates, a message will be automatically sent to the bundled mobile phone;


  1. Security reminder: speeding reminder, dangerous road section reminder, etc.;


  1. Safety monitoring: vibration alarm, fence setting, oil cut and power off;


  1. Common standard functions: remote setting, next command, call, dispatch, alarm, etc.;


  1. Real-time information inquiry: You can query the current vehicle position information, vehicle speed, driving direction and alarm status through the background and mobile phone.

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