Guide of buying GPS auto positioning system

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When you purchase GPS auto positioning system you need to know the following:

1.GPS auto positioning system is exclusive to the company, personal cannot use

The manufacturing threshold of the GPS auto positioning system is high, but the original intention of the design is to facilitate human life, bring convenience, corporate assets, the fleet has more effective locator management, and individuals can also use it, which is ignored by many people, such as Children's mobile phones, the elderly anti-lost mobile phones are their applications, and a large area is the car locator, which can be used to guide driving and speeding reminders, which plays a big role in safe driving.

  1. price of GPS auto positioning system

At present, there are many kinds of GPS locators on the market, and the quality is uneven. This has led to a variety of prices. Generally speaking, there are good quality guarantees and technical support. Because of the cost of the enterprise, the price of the locator is several dollars to several tens of dollars. It is not recommended to buy a positioner below 10 dollars. Once a problem occurs, basically the machine will be scrapped and no after-sales service will be obtained. When purchasing the GPS auto positioning system, we try to choose the original factory, so the general quality is guaranteed.

GPS auto positioning system

  1. The GPS auto positioning system purchased is not as functional as possible.

The more GPS auto positioning system function, the more expensive the general price, if you are just a normal user, the general positioner can meet your requirements.

We don't need to over-pursuing a lot of functions, we must decide according to our own needs. For example, if you just want to locate the vehicle, then you don't need the temperature and humidity detection function of the positioner, which can save a fee if the purchase quantity is large. In addition, the more functions, the faster the device runs, which affects the standby properties of the device to a certain extent, consuming more power.

  1. It is best to conduct a Demo test before bulk purchase.

Because there may be a phenomenon in which the salesperson advocates the function, we can test to see if it has the required function.

GPS auto positioning system

  1. How to judge the hardware of GPS auto positioning system

In general, GPS auto positioning system requires a combination of hardware and software to operate. Hardware often occupies a very important position. We can ask the merchant what module we use to purchase the device, several generations of GPS chips, what brand of sensor, Then we can know the quality of these components based on our own brand awareness and online inquiries.

  1. Evaluation of the location monitoring service platform

GPS positioning products must rely on a strong and stable service monitoring platform to play the role of equipment. GPS positioning, location query, one-button help, vehicle monitoring, track query, etc. all need to log in to the monitoring platform to operate. Once the platform fails, all the users in the positioning product will have no users. Therefore, when purchasing the GPS auto positioning system, in addition to paying attention to the quality, function and configuration of the machine itself, it is also important to monitor the stability of the service platform of the product and the fluency of the software APP.

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