Why Choose us

Why Choose geat-will?

Great-will GPS Tracker products meet safety production standards.

Quality control  

a: Incoming material checking     

all casing must be sorted before in production line;

Controller, crystal ocsillator must be inspected and tested by AQL level before incoming;

battery must be full tested before mounting;


b: Online inspection  

Online inspection to the printings, package;

Full inspection of rechanging, discharging, aging test to the battery cells.


c: Final inspection/ pre-shipment inspection

casing came apart. Failed to mount. Corrupted contents will be picked;

bad battery will be sorted and returned to the suppliers;


d: Besides running these benchmarking tests, to make sure the product's longevity, durability, manufacturer's reputation, we have a record on different vendors writing  down their fail percentages and spotted the excellent suppliers.

10+ years experience of gps tracking system


Year established in 2007,supplying trackers and tracking solution for more than 50 countries from all over the world

The testing of the GPS tracker

The testing of the GPS tracker

Strict Quality System:

Well-established quality and process control system.In strict compliance with ISO9001;Fully certified and in compliance with CE ,RoHS ,E-mark.

The production and package of the GPS tracker

The production and package of the GPS tracker

7,000 pieces capacity:

Over 2500 square meters of standardized workshop with 200 skilled workers and specialists.Daily output up to 7000 pieces which can improve delivery reliability.


24 hours online service:

7 days *24 hours efficient service and support from professional sales team,capable to handle all issues about agents\branded business.

Our professional gps tracker team

Our professional gps tracker team