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1.What kind of sim card your devices be supported ?

---Our trackers use sim card compatible with 2G GSM network 850/900/1800/1900Mhz quad band.Need more info ,contact us.


2.Do i need data plan in my SIM card?How much ?

---If you want to track vehicles through Web or App platform, GPRS data is necessary.If SMS command is enough for you ,then no need to get data plan. Regarding the data capacity ,every countries is different.For your reference, in China, 100MB is enough for 10secs upload interval.


3.Which kind of trackers do your platform support ?

---Our software is compatible with most trackers in the market such as GT06N,JV200,GT02,etc. While we highly recommend platform from device supplier,that way can simplified after-sales technical support .


4.There are 2G/3G/4G tracker in the market ? Which one better ?

---2G tracker still mainstream types in most countries as it is lower cost and good feature. 3G and 4G tracker is specially made for those countries who shut down 2G network or projects which need 3G/4G locators.


5.Why no response get from SMS command?

---It may have several situations ,please check one by one.

a.Wrong password,use right one

b.SIM card isn't installed properly.

c.Weak GSM network,try later.

d.Out of SIM credit or SMS,pop up.

e.SIM is damaged,change a sim card.


6.How to get good GPS signal ?

---Connect GPS antenna well, let GPS antenna face up,install near to window glass and make sure not be covered by metal parts .


7.How can i get location of the vehicle ?

---Once tracker be activated ,you can track location through phone SMS ,App, PC web at real-time  anywhere


8.We are fail to turn the devices on,why ?

---Please check if built-in battery is charged, and power wires connected well.


9.We want software with own company name and logo ? How much it cost ?

---Quite good to make own design.Feel free to contact us to discuss details.


10.Where you devices can be used ?

---Our Gps trackers can be used in motorcycle, car,truck,van,bus,e-bike, all vehicles.Please contact us for good recommendation.