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Our professional GPS Tracking System platform:
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GPS Tracking System is monitoring interface which taking care of your GPS devices and fleet management directly, but also making tracker distribution business up and running easily.With this tracking platform, you are reselling ,group managing , milage report downloading ,GPS items recharging authorized.

Multifunctional feature:

A.Support 14 languages including

Turkish,Polish Vietnamese,Italian,Portuguese,Traditional Chinese

B.Quick management

You can see all devices name on the platform ,device name

could be modified as you like.

C.Review detailed information:

Each trip segment provides you will details about driving time,distance traveled,alerts for security driving,et

Flexible resell system distribute or resell the device to customers easily

F: Fuel consumption management

Monitor vehicle fuel consumption and save cost


G.Monitor device activation situation

Get tips with 7 days expired,60days expired ,expired device and manage the charge card to renew device as requested.

H.Geo-fences and landmarks:

Set up boundaries and colorful landmarks for key locations on the map:client location ,headquarters or employee’s home. Create geo fence with center and radius

I.High security(GPS Tracking System)

We put strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy.All data is stored and is strongly encrypted in data centers .Over 100,000 devices in one platform. Support worldwide users .