How to install GPS and GSM antennas for gsm gps tracker

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 At present, the GSM GPS tracker on the market is mainly divided into a built-in GPS tracker and an external GPS locating antenna. The so-called built-in GSM GPS tracker, as its name implies, integrates GPS and GSM antennas in the device, and does not need to install any GPS and The GSM signal receiver can realize the positioning of receiving GPS and GSM signals; the positional GPS tracker is to additionally equip and install GPS and GSM positioning antennas to realize the positioning of the device. Here's how to install GPS and GSM antennas for GPS trackers.

Let's briefly talk about the definition of GPS and GSM.

GPS is the Global Positioning System. Simply put, this is A satellite system consisting of 24 satellites covering the globe. This system can guarantee that at any time, four satellites can be observed at any point on the earth to ensure that the satellite can collect the latitude and longitude and altitude of the observation point, so as to realize functions such as navigation, positioning and timing. This technology can be used to guide aircraft, ships, vehicles and individuals to safely and accurately follow a selected route and arrive at their destination on time.

GSM full name: Global System for Mobile Communications, Chinese is a global mobile communication system, commonly known as "Global Access", is a mobile communication technology standard originated in Europe, is the second generation of mobile communication technology, its development is to make the world around the world A mobile phone network standard can be used together to allow users to travel around the world with a single mobile phone. The GSM system includes several frequency bands such as GSM 900:900MHz, GSM1800:1800MHz and GSM-1900:1900MHz.

There is no direct relative relationship between GPS and GSM.

First, first come to know the GPS positioning antenna of GSM GPS tracker

As shown in the figure, the GPS positioning antenna has a GPS positioning antenna to receive the head, and the tail is a GPS positioning interface, which is mainly connected to the GSM GPS tracker. The installation is not very complicated, and only the GPS link port and device are needed. After the corresponding port is connected, tighten it. After connecting, as shown below:


gsm gps tracker gsm gps tracker

Second, come to know about GSM GPS tracker GSM positioning antenna

As shown in the figure, the GSM antenna and the GPS antenna are very different in appearance. The head of the GSM is rectangular and flat, and the GPS antenna is a nearly circular regular circle. However, their interfaces are the same, and they are connected to the corresponding interface of the GSM GPS tracker device, and there is no difference in the connection. The main thing to note is that the interface should be tightened. After connecting, as shown:

gsm gps tracker

Third, after the GPS antenna and GSM antenna are connected, as shown in the figure:

gsm gps tracker

Note that to see which interface is connected to the GSM line and GPS antenna, do not reverse.

The above is the connection between the GPS antenna of the GSM GPS tracker and the GSM antenna. In fact, it is very simple, you can go back and operate.

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