How to buy GPS Tracker?

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Why are so many people using GPS Tracker these days, adults, children and businesses alike? Literally, it's used for positioning and navigation. In fact, the choice of GPS Tracker is to know these common sense. Next, Great-Will GPS Tracker will take you to understand.

Long standby time gps tracker

1, Not what battery can do a super long standby GPS Tracker

For GPS Tracker with long standby times, battery capacity and characteristics determine the length of standby time. As we all know, standby time is directly proportional to battery capacity, and the larger the capacity, the longer the battery life. So battery capacity can be a rough indicator.

However, not all high-capacity batteries are suitable for this kind of positioning. There are many kinds of batteries, and they can also self-discharge during normal use. That is to say, they consume their own power. If the self-discharge of the battery itself is very high, even if the large capacity also holds the concept of super long standby.

One type of battery that obviously can't stand by for long is the polymer battery pack. Normally, this kind of battery self-discharge is very high, you can imagine your own cell phone battery. Let's see if we can open it again in a month. How long will it last?

2. WIFI positioning is not necessarily accurate

Many people think that triple positioning, quadruple positioning is very good, especially WiFi positioning, are very high-tech, even in the indoor positioning can be very accurate. It's just a gimmick. If you know how WiFi location works, you might not have such high expectations of it.

In short, WiFi location is to use the WiFi source to determine the signal's IP address, and then resolve it to your location. This is the address you registered with the operator when you dialed. However, now that almost every home has WiFi, who knows what these signals will be picked up, so how accurate the location will be when you wonder. WiFi location does have an auxiliary aspect, but don't rely on it too much.

3. The accuracy of civil GPS Tracker is more than 10 meters

The GPS we use now is civil GPS. Let's not discuss the military side for the moment. With GPS and Beidou alone, the positioning accuracy is generally about 10 meters under ideal conditions such as open field and sufficient sunshine under the condition of good signal. If it is LBS(base station) positioning, the positioning accuracy is generally between 100 meters and 1000 meters.

Automotive locator

gps tracker AT2

GPS positioning accuracy is realized by certain algorithm, which requires higher environment at that time. If there are high-rise buildings around, interference signal source, cloud and other influences, positioning accuracy error will be relatively large. The market says that high precision is achieved under ideal conditions. Even if it is the same machine, the same place, in different time periods have different positioning accuracy is normal.

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