Installation And Operating Mode Of OBD GPS Locator

130 Published by Great, Editor1 3月 14,2023

The OBD interface cannot be connected casually, because the OBD interface itself is not for external connection, and the external product may affect the vehicle itself through the OBD interface due to its own fault or problem.

OBD automotive tracker is the abbreviation of On Board Diagnostics in English, which is translated into "on-board automatic diagnostic system" in Chinese. It can detect the working condition of the engine electronic control system and other functional modules of the vehicle during the operation of the vehicle. Using the OBD interface of the car to connect with the computer, you can view the car data in real time and detect car faults, which provides convenience for car repair, development of car related functions, and transformation of car equipment. Through OBD GPS tracker for a car, the vehicle status can be checked in real time, including the vehicle's driving track and fuel mileage ratio, which can also regulate the driver's driving behavior and increase the safe driving of the vehicle.

The OBD interface cannot be directly connected to the computer, but must pass through a "gateway" device. Find the vehicle OBD interface, plug the OBD interface into the vehicle interface, and connect the other end with the computer USB interface. Install the corresponding software on the computer. Make sure to open the software after installing the device and driver. Select the corresponding device type, click "Open Device", select "Working Mode", select "Baud Rate" and click "OK" to read out the speed, speed, water temperature and other information.

The vehicle OBD interface has the following functions. Trip computer data display: the obd interface can provide various working condition data of the vehicle, such as the data displayed by the vehicle instrument, various fuel consumption records, battery voltage, air fuel ratio, throttle opening, knock number and other data.

2. Read fault codes: The best obd gps tracker can be used to read fault codes, which is conducive to quickly diagnosing vehicle faults and reducing the time for manual diagnosis.

3. Change the code to achieve more functions: access the CAN bus of the vehicle through the data line of the obd gps car tracker and adjust the code of each module to achieve many different "hidden" functions and achieve "additional configuration".

4. Read and write the ECU-TCU program: It is convenient for the manufacturer to update the ECU control program at any time, but it is not recommended to modify it.

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