What do you know about car GPS ?

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The birth of GPS for the positioning system has been a great help, but also for the car has brought a lot of convenience. The next GPS will take you to understand the KNOWLEDGE of GPS.

        The birth of the automobile and many function service configuration, do you like a gas station, navigation systems, etc., said must mention the GPS car navigation, today, there are four parts of the world's navigation system, first of all, America's global positioning system (GPS), which is composed of 24 navigation satellites, the precision of 10 meters, followed by Russia's glonass navigation system, the system is made 24 whoStars. The third is Europe's Galileo navigation system, which has an accuracy of one meter and is a very popular positioning system. The last is China's Beidou navigation System, which consists of five in-orbit synchronous satellites and 30 non-synchronous satellites with a positioning accuracy of 10 meters.

So how did GPS come about? The previous positioning system used in the military, its predecessor is the United States meridian satellite positioning system. The system was developed in 1958 and put into use in 1964. Although the accuracy and data of the system are not very accurate, but undoubtedly laid the foundation for the development of GPS. By 1973, the U.S. Department of Defense officially opened a research facility in Los Angeles, and GPS was born.

The working principle of GPS is to first measure the distance between the satellite and the ground receiving point, then analyze the big data collected by each satellite, and accurately determine the specific position of the receiving point by means of space interaction.

GPS has all-weather positioning, high precision, simple operation and other characteristics, and through GPS navigation and guidance, can save a lot of money and time.

Satellite navigation has a wide range of applications, such as navigation, aviation, communication and so on. With the development of satellite positioning technology, GPS has been applied to various fields, and the Beidou navigation system is gradually accepted by various fields and even international countries.

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