How long is the service life of GPS location tracker?

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Does GPS have the same life span as cell phones?

What is the reason for the sudden offline display? Next, great-Will GPS trackers takes you to understand these problems.

No matter what kind of product has a life span, you will take that into account when buying appliances such as mobile phones. When buying GPS trackers, I'm sure many of my friends have asked the same question: How long will GPS trackers last? Or how often does the locator need to be replaced?

Perhaps what most consumers are hearing is that regular locators last five to six years. So, does it really take 5-6 years for an electronic product to be continuously updated?

For some wired GPS trackers, as long as they are well maintained and installed, the locator can be used continuously. If you want to use them for 5-6 years, this is no problem. Some of the more advanced manufacturers may try to use better, more durable chips, such as power protection. The GPS trackers will naturally last longer.

As for wireless GPS trackers, their lifespan is even clearer. Many manufacturers in the production of wireless GPS positioning equipment, in fact, is a comprehensive industry demand, the average life is 3 years. Therefore, users in normal use, generally use for 3 years, if the use of high frequency, or improper use, will accelerate the shortening of the service life of the locator.

GPS location tracker

GPS location tracker

Cause of offline display:

1. The GPS trackers  has no power.

Solution: The GPS location tracker will be offline when shutdown or off. The first step is to dial the device's SIM card number from a mobile phone.

2. GPS trackers status of SIM card 2.

Solution: Recharge and then restart!

3, in the signal blind zone

Solution: This is one of the common situations where a platform does not receive information from a GPS location tracker.

4. There is a problem with the communication module (GSM module) of the GPS locator tracker.

Solution: Contact the manufacturer to replace the GSM module, the specific situation can consult the GPS locator manufacturer -- great-will!

5. The GPS antenna is broken

Solution: Only replace!

6. The sensitivity of GPS locator tracker module is reduced and it cannot be located.

The sensitivity of GPS receiver is mainly determined by two aspects: one is the gain and noise performance of the whole signal path at the front end of the receiver, the other is the algorithm performance of the baseband part. The front end of the receiver determines the signal-to-noise ratio of the received signal when it reaches the baseband portion, and the baseband algorithm determines the minimum signal-to-noise ratio that can be tolerated during modulation, acquisition and tracking.

Solution: Choose the manufacturer with high sensitivity

7. GPS trackers are installed near metal objects and cannot receive GPS signals from satellites.

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