The difference between Mobile Phone GPS and Vehicle gps tracker

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Mobile phone GPS positioning and Vehicle gps tracker are essentially the same. They are all located by GPS module using global satellite positioning system. Both of them do not need traffic when positioning, but the signal strength is different.

Seeing this, it is estimated that many people will have doubts. Since the principle is similar, why are there so many differences between mobile phone GPS positioning and Vehicle gps tracker? For example:

1, mobile phone positioning needs to open traffic or WiFi to locate, but the car does not need, why?


A: We know that the working principle of the Vehicle gps tracker is that the GPS module receives the satellite signal, and then combines the electronic map in the memory to display the set position on the electronic map, which is the position of your car.


The GPS positioning principle of the mobile phone is similar to that of the car. When the GPS positioning function of the mobile phone is turned on, the GPS module in the mobile phone can be used to receive the satellite signal for positioning.


The difference is that the car GPS map is built-in offline, the merchant will update the electronic map content in time, the owner does not need to download and install it himself, so the map can be displayed correctly without networking. The online maps used by mobile phones need to be downloaded online and then displayed. If they are not connected to the Internet, they cannot be displayed. In fact, mobile phones can achieve the same effect as long as they download offline navigation data in advance.


In addition, some people use mobile phones to locate, in fact, not using GPS positioning function, but WiFi positioning or base station positioning, that is, your mobile phone and mobile signal tower or WiFi hotspot to obtain data exchange to locate, so it is definitely necessary to network .


2. The mobile phone positioning signal is greatly affected by the environment, but the car positioning signal is relatively stable?


This is because the configurations of the two antennas are different.

We know that the mobile phone is very small, then its antenna will be smaller, which will cause a large signal loss, the internal components are closely stacked, and the antenna signal will be interfered by the phone, camera, memory, etc. In addition, sometimes the user will block the antenna when holding the mobile phone, which causes the GPS positioning signal of the mobile phone to be poor and unstable.

The car GPS space is naturally much larger, and the antenna is not a type, so the experience is better. In addition, the car positioning is the front-mounted car navigation, or the navigation device with the antenna outside the roof, and the effect is on the next step.


3. Why is mobile phone positioning less accurate and less sensitive than car positioning?


Because the car GPS is mainly dedicated to navigation, the signal strong satellite receiving signal is stable, and the merchant will update the electronic map content in time, of course, you also download and install in time, or there may be no new road repairing on your device, it will cause No need to worry.


However, because the antenna space is too limited, the efficiency of the mobile phone is not too high. Generally, the built-in navigation antenna of the mobile phone is narrowband and the gain is very low, so it is greatly affected by the external environment, and in many cases, the GPS antenna is caused. The signal is not received, so the network needs to be located, and the temporary mobile base station required for some large events will affect the accuracy of the base station positioning. In addition, if the location of the router changes, the location in the wifi database is not timely. Update, then it is likely to cause wifi positioning error.

4, mobile phone positioning is very fast, generally positioning in seconds, and car positioning requires a certain amount of time, a few seconds at a time, a few minutes slow, why?


This is also very well understood, because the mobile phone has a function called a-gps assisted positioning in addition to GPS positioning. Agps uses the base station network (GPRS) to obtain the information of the base station of the communication operation where your mobile phone is located at this time (the position of the signal base station). You can quickly know where you are and know the location. At that time, the satellite parameters (which information, frequency, position, elevation, etc.) on your head will be known. The GPS on the device can be very good. The purpose of searching for satellites, at this time your search star speed is greatly improved, you can locate in a few seconds, so the GPS module with A-GPS assisted positioning is much faster.

When the car is positioned at cold start and warm start, the search time is longer. You need to search the 24 satellites in space to find out which satellites are on top of your head to determine your position. Therefore, the time may be It takes a few minutes.

The above is the difference between the mobile GPS and the vehicle gps tracker that Great-Will answers for you. Both have their own advantages in use. Although there are defects, they can meet the needs of their own use. Great-will is a high-tech enterprise specializing in car GPS positioning, and will definitely contribute to the development of the future Vehicle gps tracker.

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