Motorcycle GPS locator main anti-theft function

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Everyone knows that motorcycle anti-theft is mostly equipped with a variety of anti-theft locks or configuration alarms. In fact, these are hard to beat the gangs. After the vehicles are stolen, you can't track them. What consumers need is to be able to change the status quo by using the anti-theft technology of motorcycles that can be burglarized and stolen. This is the GPS locator for motorcycles. The motorcycle GPS locator with anti-theft alarm can issue an alarm to the owner in time during the thief's theft of the vehicle. After the car is stolen, the vehicle can track the movement track in real time to recover the vehicle and assist the public security organ in capturing the criminal.


Motorcycle is easy to be stolen and annoying GPS locator anti-theft power


In general, the thief steals the car by stepping through the situation to understand the situation, choose to start in the middle of the night, often stealing more than one vehicle. Some gangs were equipped with trucks, and the stolen motorcycles were carried on the train, and they went back to study slowly. Once I went shopping in the mall, I parked the motorcycle on the side and entered the mall. In just 15 minutes, the new motorcycle that I just bought was lost. I called the police and went to the police to find it. The result was at the lakeside in the city center. The stolen motorcycle was found, and the car thief was taken away by the police. The reason why it was found so quickly was that the GPS locator installed on the motorcycle played a role, and it was indispensable for catching the thief.

motorcycle GPS locator

Motorcycle GPS Locator


Motorcycle GPS Locator anti-theft product consists of GPS module + GSM communication module or GPS module + CDMA (GPSONE) communication module, built-in special motion sensing chip, any illegal movement can detect and alarm when any changes from static to dynamic . Built-in high-quality GPRS or CDMA communication module and GPS chip, can send positioning geographic information to the user's mobile phone or upload data to the development of the track website, GPS positioning information contains speed information, outdoor positioning accuracy of 5 to 15 meters, positioning accuracy according to base station density set. The motorcycle GPS anti-theft alarm tracker has various performance forms, including installation type and installation-free type. It has strong concealment and high safety and can work all day.


The common anti-theft functions of motorcycle GPS locator are as follows:


* Real-time positioning by SMS/Web/App

* Track by flexible interval time

* Remote Engine-stop and Resume

* OTA remote upgrading freely

* Inside SD card for 5000pcs data storage

* ACC working status checking

* Voice monitoring to spy live sounds

* Emergency SOS alarm and calling

* Automatic update positions of vehicle turns,accurate tracking route

* Movement alert/Over speed alarm/Power supply disconnection alarm/Vibration alarm/Low power alarm

* Unlimited Geo fence setting

*High performance GPS/GSM attenna ,search signal better

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