Who needs 4g GPS tracker most in life?

1,129 Published by admin 7 月 22,2021

This 4G GPS tracker is designed based on the market needs. It has below features:

4G LTE+2G GSM networks

Waterproof IP67

Remove alarm

SOS alarm

High frequency alarm with loudspeaker

GPS positioning, with accuracy of 5m outdoor

WIFI positioning, with accuracy of 30m indoors

Web platform/ Phone App/ SMS for positions check

Historical route, GPS fence & WIFI fence double care

4g gps tracker AT5

4g gps tracker AT5

So, who needs this 4G gps tracker? Let’s read below cases for reference.

Mr. Liu was very anxious at this time, as the car was stolen. He is the general manager of a major operating software company and he went out with the purpose of accounting for funds. He thought this short time should be all right that he went out of the car and went to the bank to withdraw money, He would right back, so he forgot to lock the car, causing the car to be stolen, he felt the exception and reported to the police. When the police asked, he was relieved, for he had previously heard from his colleagues that it was good to use our products. We also set up the latest 4G on-board product on the website of our company, and installed the AT5 4G gps tracker because it has a real-time tracking function, the location of the car could be located in time, and finally the police helped him find the car.

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