TR08M new mini GPS tracker no monthly fee

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The TR08M new mini GPS tracker adds two functions to the basic functions of the GPS Tracker - OTA upgrade and light sensor alarm. Next, you will learn about the TR08M new mini GPS tracker.

new mini GPS tracker

Parameter List Of TR08M new mini GPS tracker

new mini GPS tracker

Function Of TR08M new mini GPS tracker

Other FunctionsOther Functions​

Function Details
Location Data


Real-Time Tracking
Vehicle Status


Car Acc On/Off Status
Power Down Alarm
Low Power Alarm
Over Speed Alarm
Oil Checking
Illegal Dismantling Alarm
The Power Down Alarm And Light Sensor Alarm Triggered Of The Device In 2 Minutes, Then The Illegal Dismantling Alarm Will Be

Reported To The Server

 Other Functions  Blind Area Uploading Data
Epo Located For Assistance
 Inflexion Upload
 Inflexion Upload
 Upgrade Remotely  Need Assistance Of Factory
Low Power Consumption Static Mode

Installation Process Of Product

1. Device installation

(1) Check Device

Check whether the appearance of the device is good and whether the related accessories are complete.

(2) Install the SIM card

Open the bottom cover of the device and insert the SIM card into the card holder. Do not use excessive force to damage the card holder. Do not insert or remove the SIM card while the device is power on. Make sure the SIM card has Internet access.

new mini GPS tracker

(3) Select installation location

A. Waterproof: Should choose a position that does not easily enter the water to ensure the drying of the terminal; Pay attention to keep away from the outlet of the air conditioner to prevent condensation water from accumulating inside the terminal and seriously affecting the service life of the product when the temperature difference changes. 

B. Shockproof: The terminal cannot be suspended and installed in a long-term vibration. 

C. Anti-interference: The terminal should be far away from the electronic equipment such as audio and intercom in the car to prevent conduction interference and radiation interference.


 (4) Connect GPS Antenna

A.Please notice that the GPS Antenna signal receiving side should up to sky and no metal block. Bottom keep flat, tilt should not be more than45° 

B.Wires should be concealed;

C.Please make sure the GPS antenna is connected to the right connector and fixed tightening to avoid vibrated.

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