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Tracking Vehicles Made Easy: A Guide to OBD Port Tracking Devices and Fleet Management

OBD Port Tracking Devices: A Guide to OBDII Trackers and Fleet Tracking In recent years, the use of OBD port tracking devices has become increasingly popular for tracking vehicles. These devices are plugged into the OBD port of a vehicle, which is typically located under the dashboard. The OBD port provides access to a vehicle's onboard diagnostics system, which can be used to gather data about the vehicle's performance and usage. OBD port tracking devices use this data to track the location, speed, and other metrics of the vehicle in real-time. There are two main types of OBD port tracking devices: OBDII trackers and OBD fleet tracking systems. OBDII trackers are designed for personal or small business use. They are typically small and discreet, and can be easily installed by the user without professional assistance. OBDII trackers provide real-time location tracking, as well as information about the vehicle's speed, acceleration, and braking. They can also send alerts when the veh...

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Published by Great, Editor14月 06,2023

Application of GPS Tracker

As technology continues to advance, the use of trackers is becoming more and more widespread. One area where trackers are particularly useful is in the field of transportation, with car trackers and vehicle trackers being especially popular. Car trackers and vehicle trackers are devices that can be attached to a car or other type of vehicle to track its location and other important information. These trackers can be used for a variety of purposes, from monitoring the location of a vehicle for security purposes to tracking the movements of a fleet of vehicles for logistical purposes. One common use of car trackers and vehicle trackers is for tracking the location of a single vehicle. This can be useful for a number of reasons, such as in the case of a stolen vehicle. With a car tracker or vehicle tracker installed, it becomes much easier to track down the location of the stolen vehicle and recover it. This is because the tracker can provide real-time updates on the locatio...

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Installation And Operating Mode Of OBD GPS Locator

The OBD interface cannot be connected casually, because the OBD interface itself is not for external connection, and the external product may affect the vehicle itself through the OBD interface due to its own fault or problem. OBD automotive tracker is the abbreviation of On Board Diagnostics in English, which is translated into "on-board automatic diagnostic system" in Chinese. It can detect the working condition of the engine electronic control system and other functional modules of the vehicle during the operation of the vehicle. Using the OBD interface of the car to connect with the computer, you can view the car data in real time and detect car faults, which provides convenience for car repair, development of car related functions, and transformation of car equipment. Through OBD GPS tracker for a car, the vehicle status can be checked in real time, including the vehicle's driving track and fuel mileage ratio, which can also regulate the driver's driving behavior and increa...

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Published by admin5月 12,2022

How to wire the relay and how to use the remote fuel cut-off function in your car?

When installing a wired GPS tracker, we sometimes find a "remote fuel cut-off" function. However, this is often followed by the text "This function is to be used in conjunction with a relay". So what is a relay? What does it do and how is it wired? This article will give you the answer. A. The role of automotive relays. Automotive relays can be divided into functional and control relays in terms of use. For example, there are flashing relays, water wiper relays, and so on. Relays that simply turn the circuit on and off and convert are all control relays. The remote oil/electricity cut-off relay described in this article is a control relay. It is the equivalent of a switch that draws the armature into the circuit by means of a magnetic field, thus driving the contacts to break the normally closed contacts. In this way, it plays the role of changing the control circuit. It is the key to controlling the circuit on and off. Vehicle Relays Appearance and Work Internally How to use the ca...

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Published by admin10月 15,2021

5 tips to buy a good GPS tracker

With the continuous improvement of everyone's living standards, cars have become a vital travel tool for everyone. Therefore, the GPS locator has become the most widely used machine in people's daily life. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for different groups of people, such as the car rental industry. Many places have production locations for car gps tracker, so many people come to buy them. When you are ready to buy it, you must pay attention to the following knowledge points, otherwise you will not be able to buy your favorite product. A. Compare the quality of the GPS locator When we choose a GPS locator, we must learn to compare products. Many people who buy a new GPS tracker will say that the one I used before is better. But this is not correct, because each product is used at a different time and place, and the final result is different. It must be used for a long time to feel the difference between the two GPS locators. Choosing a trusted GPS tracker is a...

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Published by admin9月 23,2021

What are the most commonly used gps trackers in life

In people's social life, GPS applications are everywhere. When the global satellite positioning system is installed on a car, it can be used for real-time positioning, robbery alarm, car phone, theft alarm, manual navigation, remote fuel and power failure, remote unlocking of the door, and battery undervoltage alarm. When the global positioning satellite system is applied to the production command of oil field enterprises, it can monitor the operation of oil wells, oil and gas pipelines. It can also position electricity, water conservancy, and construction as well as dispatch and command buses and other freight vehicles. When the global satellite positioning system is used in social security and community services, it can locate and monitor the financial professions, flammable and explosive dangerous goods professions, and real-time dispatch. At the same time, it can also monitor residential quarters and household safety precautions. But it still depends on the more common applicati...

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Top3 best vehicle gps tracker for cars

best vehicle gps tracker are increasingly used in fleet management and car rental. Improve team work efficiency and management efficiency. Nowadays, the demand for best vehicle gps tracker is getting higher and higher, and there is a need for a concealed, mini-type, stable and precise type of best vehicle gps tracker. TR07 Waterproof best vehicle gps tracker Products Introduction: TR07 best vehicle gps tracker is a compact and powerful locator.9cm*4cm*1cm, ideal for covert installation.Mainly used in monitoring and management companies vehicle and private car anti-theft. Through the Intelligent Positioning and the way to GPRS to send GPS data to the site,tracker can access through mobile phones, computer,etc., anywhere at any time to know the latest vehicle position, speed and direction of the other information. best vehicle gps tracker Product Function: Real-time Location Monitoring: 1st 10 seconds of data transmission, dynamic display the target location;real-time tracking Track ...

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Published by admin8月 15,2021

How long is the service life of GPS location tracker?

Does GPS have the same life span as cell phones? What is the reason for the sudden offline display? Next, great-Will GPS trackers takes you to understand these problems. No matter what kind of product has a life span, you will take that into account when buying appliances such as mobile phones. When buying GPS trackers, I'm sure many of my friends have asked the same question: How long will GPS trackers last? Or how often does the locator need to be replaced? Perhaps what most consumers are hearing is that regular locators last five to six years. So, does it really take 5-6 years for an electronic product to be continuously updated? For some wired GPS trackers, as long as they are well maintained and installed, the locator can be used continuously. If you want to use them for 5-6 years, this is no problem. Some of the more advanced manufacturers may try to use better, more durable chips, such as power protection. The GPS trackers will naturally last longer. As for wireless GPS track...

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Who needs 4g GPS tracker most in life?

This 4G GPS tracker is designed based on the market needs. It has below features: 4G LTE+2G GSM networks Waterproof IP67 Remove alarm SOS alarm High frequency alarm with loudspeaker GPS positioning, with accuracy of 5m outdoor WIFI positioning, with accuracy of 30m indoors Web platform/ Phone App/ SMS for positions check Historical route, GPS fence & WIFI fence double care 4g gps tracker AT5 So, who needs this 4G gps tracker? Let’s read below cases for reference. Mr. Liu was very anxious at this time, as the car was stolen. He is the general manager of a major operating software company and he went out with the purpose of accounting for funds. He thought this short time should be all right that he went out of the car and went to the bank to withdraw money, He would right back, so he forgot to lock the car, causing the car to be stolen, he felt the exception and reported to the police. When the police asked, he was relieved, for he had previously heard from his colleagues that it...

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Published by admin7月 16,2021

How to buy GPS Tracker?

Why are so many people using GPS Tracker these days, adults, children and businesses alike? Literally, it's used for positioning and navigation. In fact, the choice of GPS Tracker is to know these common sense. Next, Great-Will GPS Tracker will take you to understand. 1, Not what battery can do a super long standby GPS Tracker For GPS Tracker with long standby times, battery capacity and characteristics determine the length of standby time. As we all know, standby time is directly proportional to battery capacity, and the larger the capacity, the longer the battery life. So battery capacity can be a rough indicator. However, not all high-capacity batteries are suitable for this kind of positioning. There are many kinds of batteries, and they can also self-discharge during normal use. That is to say, they consume their own power. If the self-discharge of the battery itself is very high, even if the large capacity also holds the concept of super long standby. One type of battery that...

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common problems of OBD auto tracker

How to install and use after receiving the goods?   The OBD interface GPS locator is free of installation. After the device is plugged into the flow card, the OBD interface is found in the car, and the OBD auto tracker is inserted into the OBD interface, and it can be used.   How does the OBD auto tracker check the car?   The device supports multiple check modes such as computer, mobile APP, and SMS.   What are the functions of the OBD auto tracker?   The device has real-time positioning, track playback, electronic fence, mileage statistics, overspeed reminder, power failure alarm, single and double number limit reminder, data detection and other functions. Why does the OBD auto tracker drift when it is still?   The device has GPS positioning and base station positioning (LBS). In the case of normal outdoor signal, it is GPS positioning. The accuracy of GPS positioning technology is in the range of 5 meters. In indoors, such as underground park...

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What are the powerful functions of gps vehicle monitoring system

Usually, vehicles that need to use the gps vehicle monitoring system are car-based companies, such as bus companies, taxi companies, logistics companies, car loan companies, and so on. To be more precise, all companies with cars gps vehicle monitoring system, because every car is facing the risk of being stolen. Compared with the value of the vehicle, the price of the GPS device is simply a slap in the face. However, the risk of theft of the vehicle is greatly avoided, so the positioner is worth buying. Gps vehicle monitoring systems and functions are constantly being developed. In the future, more and more comprehensive functions will be introduced in conjunction with big data and cloud computing to help customers reduce the risk of lost cars and the risk of vehicle escape. The function and type of gps vehicle monitoring system are:   Vehicle abnormal condition warning, once the vehicle exceeds the normal driving range, or prompts an alarm, let the customer pay attention to ...

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